Intermittent problem where thread I read is set to tracking instead of normal

For some months now this has been happening. I’ve tried to work out a pattern. My daily habit is to check the “New” posts.

For topics that I reply to, they stay as “Normal”.

For topics that I read and don’t reply to, most of the time they stay as “Normal”, but intermittently and on multiple occasions, they get set to “Tracking” and even though I have not replied, when others do reply, they appear as unread:

This is a minor annoyance.

Check your settings. I think the default is that any thread you look at for more than five minutes gets set to “tracking.” You can change the time, or turn that off completely.


You are a legend. Thanks. Found the setting and changed it. It was set to 4 minutes.

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Top man Mark I was wondering too why this happens. Thanks Tony for starting the thread!