Intro: Andrew of the Antipodes

Hi Andrew, I’ll extend the same welcome just posted on @Knee_Wobbler ‘s intro. Good to have you here :grin:.


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Hey Andrew, welcome to the forum, great to hear from another Aussie. Look forward to hearing more from you


Hello Andrew!

Welcome to the community!

Checked out your song. Nice vibe!

Impressive catalog on Sound Cloud, followed :v:


Thanks @Siff - catalogue written and accumulated over a lifetime. Listening to some of yours on SC right now.

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Welcome Andrew and good to have you here.!


Welcome Andrew.


Hi Andrew, Glad you decided to stop by and say hi :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard, Andrew! :slight_smile:

Good advice from your mate and wise decision to follow it and join us. :smiley: Sounds like a profund musical past and solid ground to build on.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

Cheers - Lisa

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Thank you Lisa - this is a very welcoming and encouraging group!


Hi Andrew,
Welcome to the community, Great that you are posting original material too!



Hello Andrew.
Welcome to JustinGuitar and the Community.
Can I ask if you have any history of learning using the JustinGuitar lessons, courses, resources etc? Can I also ask you to visit this pinned topic in regard to the Community Recordings section. Community Recordings: Rules & Etiquette. Important Notice
You’ve got quite a history on guitar and with playing and making music it seems. We welcome old hands and experienced players who bring the pay-it-forward spirit of offering help and encouragement to those following the guitar learning path.
Cheers :slight_smile:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide, Approved Teacher & Community Moderator.


Hi Andrew,
welcome to this community ,I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

:wave: hi there n welcome to the group.


Hi Richard! Thanks for the welcome! I plateaued with my guitar playing and didn’t develop much further. I found I got to a level where I could write my own songs and noodle with a bit of lead, and that sufficed. In the last couple of years, I have begun home recording my songs to develop my mixing and arranging experience. On recommendation of a friend, I joined this site about 12 - 18 months ago and have done a few of the lessons to try and stretch myself - particularly on lead guitar. I’d classify myself as intermediate level 4. I’ve only just found this forum on recommendation of the same friend referred to above.

I have just read the important notice you shared and realised I have broken one of the rules without realising - more than one topic in a month. I will make sure I stick to that in future. Sorry also if I have misunderstood the purpose of the Original songs forum. What would ‘pay it forward’ look like in this context - sharing the chords for the song and tabs for the lead guitar parts? If it wasn’t intended for me to share songs I have written, I apologise and will take down the posts - don’t want to use it for a purpose it wasn’t intended.

Thanks for the heads-up!

That will be a familiar story to many Andrew - hitting plateau (probably need to pluralise that as it is never just one time you hit some barrier or other.

… I have broken one of the rules without realising - more than one topic in a month.

I can sort that by merging. No worries. I was just raising your attention to it. You’re new and there’s a lot to become familiar with.

What would ‘pay it forward’ look like …

If you’re planning on being an active member within the Community it can take many forms generally summed up with the thought of offering help, advice and encouragement (if you feel in the position to do so) to those coming along the guitar journey

If it wasn’t intended for me to share songs I have written, I apologise

The original songs section is exactly what it says so no foul there. :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew, welcome. This community works a little different than other online forums in the sense that the glue is being a student of Justin Guitar. That can take many forms including just selecting only some of the lessons that more advanced guitar players can find interesting. It could still be worth giving a quick look at all the lessons in the grades as Justin provides a lot of information that could be useful even for many of those more advanced players.

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Hi Andrew, welcome to the community.

Hello Andrew and welcome to our community. :slight_smile: