iOS app use on phone and iPad


I have a subscription to the app on my phone but would also like to use it on my iPad.

While I can download it onto my iPad and it works it doesn’t seem to be synced at all. For example, none of my song favourites are there.

Is there a way to sync it or is this an omission?




If you download using the same App Store account things should be synced.

You could try the restore purchase option in
the subscription area of your settings.

Settings - username- subscriptions - Justin guitar Lessons and songs- restore purchases?

Although mine was active when I went into there….but that was phone to phone.

Thanks Dave.

It apparently knows about my subscription but I don’t get any restore option.

I’ll flick a note to the app support.



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Closing the loop on this in case anyone else has the same issue.

Syncing between devices (for example, an iPhone and an iPad) on the same account is currently (May 2022) not possible.

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