iRig HD 2 with Justin


I’ve done a few lessons and find Justin to be great. Does anyone know how I can play over headphones and listen to the lessons at the same time with iRig HD2?

I have a windows computer, purchased android app and an old mac book.

Is this possible?

Not too sure about the iRig HD2 but I did have an iRig 2 that I used.
With the setup I used, I had that iRig connect to my iPhone and that was running Amplitube. Within Amplitube I had the “Background Audio” set to ON, this allowed Amplitube to run in the background while another app was running. I loaded Justin’s app and could follow the play-a-long with both my sound and the play-a-long coming through the headphones. The biggest problem was to try to get a good balance between the two volumes.


Thanks!! I’ll try that on my macbook.