Is it just me Re bad day

It happens to me also, especially when I don’t feel well for whatever reason. I may not make more mistakes than on other days, maybe even less, it’s just that my frustration tolerance is very low. That’s I try to become aware of, so I can be more gentle with myself. And subsequently adapt my schedule and start with something very easy and then to see how it goes. :smiley:

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Yeah, usually. The other option is to switch away from trying to improve a song, and just play something super easy for fun, sometimes it can reset your groove. Or do some simple technique drills. But there have definitely been days where I tried a few things, noped out, and just put the guitar down until the next day.


I also do this when I’m having one of those days, and simple technique drills, or even just noodling around and playing with no real aim, which can turn quite fun. But yeah, also have days when I just put the guitar down…

This seems to perfectly express that feeling of ‘that is all, not happening…’ :laughing:

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Yes, yes and yes! Take a break and come back later for sure!

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