Is the website down? Help!

Hello all. My name is Jim and I have been following (and supporting) since late 2018. This is my first post to the Community group, so please accept my apologies in advance if I am not doing something right or not following protocol.

My problem is as follows…
Last Wednesday, September 6, upon opening up the dashboard to the website I received the following message:

Hey all. Very sorry for all this mess, looks like the website got itself into a tizz and people who know what they’re doing are working to get it back up running asap.

The site will be back and fully functional very soon - there’s nothing wrong with your account, you have not been blocked, everyone will be able to get back on soon!

Sorry for any inconvenience!
Justin & web team!

Is this indeed the case? Was the website down? Is it still down???
I have attempted to open the the website each day since then with the same error message showing. I am not a Facebook person and can find no mention of a website down age through Google searches.

Any information, knowledge or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I don’t know about the website but it’s not a good idea to put your personal email address in any open communication, only by Private message!

working fine for me! Try clearing the cache in your browser. Every browser program is different, so do a Goggle search for “clear cache xxx” where xxx is the name of the browser you use to surf the web.

EDIT: This website should tell you how to do it: How to Clear Internet Cache in Every Major Browser

Hi Jim

Welcome to the Community. Website is up and running as I have been using it for lessons throughout the day - Win 10 and Chrome. Might be worth clearing your browser cache and retrying if this has been going on for a week !

If you prefer you can right click the padlock and just clear down the JG related cookies etc.
Hope that helps.



Thanks for the advice, Fast-Eddie! I cleared the cache on both my Safari and Crome browsers and got the same error message, BUT, was able to get into the website through an icon sitting on my Safari Home page that was for a lesson I had inadvertently tagged to be on a reading list. At any rate, it seems that so far I’m back.
Thanks again for your help…

Thanks for the advice, Toby! As I told Fast-Eddie I did clear the cache on both Safari and Chrome browsers with the same error message upon trying to enter the site. (Weird! Some kind of corruption of the URL info??) Fortunately I had saved one of Justin’s lessons (Slash Chords) to a reading list that I access through an icon on my Safari Home page. I maneuvered to the dashboard and bookmarked that page–so it appears that I am back.
Thanks for the advice and for the welcome to the Community…

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Hello Jim and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you have got your problem sorted.

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