Is there a chart with the Grades and the Modules and the amount of time per module?

I would like a chart that includes the Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), the Grade, and the Module and the amount of time in each video. Does a chart like that exist?


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Welcome to the Community, Karen.

No such chart exists.

We welcome suggestions. To understand better, this would list the playing duration of the video in each lesson on the website?

Can you share your particular need or issue that underpins the request. That would help in considering the idea and prioritising implementation if it was deemed something to add. The team that does the work to build and support the website has limited capacity hence the question.


David. I suspect Karen may be asking the often asked question “How long does it take to complete each lesson/module/grade?”

You’re probably right, Gordon.

If it is an often asked question, why is it not answered with a simple chart?

Each module on the website gives you the duration of the video lessons. Each sub module gives you the duration of the specific video lesson. The duration it takes to practice and embed that material to the level required to move on to the next module will vary by individual.

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Because the question really is: “how long will it take me, personally, to learn and apply the lesson material?”

That’s not a question that anyone can answer, yet alone put it into a simple chart.




And maybe a consolidated list of all the lessons and modules per grade might be helpful. That said, knowing the length of the backlog of items for the team to work on plus the team capacity, I know they are busy busy busy.

@homehilltop Karen, as others have said, time to master each lesson to be ready to progress really does vary from person to person. If you have a more specific question that prompted this inquiry, I suggest share that and maybe we can offer some useful insights.

So no simple chart.

Basically no but the nearest you will get is the Lesson Map available on your Dashboard. That shows all the Grades and their modules and give you clear path from Beginner upwards.

As discussed no timescales for the reasons stated but perhaps this is what you are looking for?



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Hello @homehilltop and welcome to the Community.

Many people have already made valuable replies to your question which truly does not have a viable answer.
In a recent topic I did write out one possible method of gauging how long it should take to work through grades 1 and 2 of the Beginner Course. My answer was not nuanced and was really a grossly simplified cumulative count, given to the original poster of the topic as a means of providing context and perspective to what was breakneck too-fast progress on their part. The topic reply I made is here.

It does not provide what you ask for. What you ask for, if you want a time frame on the chart, is not possible to provide. We have people who genuinely assess themselves as still beginners after several years. And we have others who have reached unbelievable levels in quick time. There are too many variables and it is all too individual to even give guidelines (which is my my counting in the linked topic must be seen in context and not as recommendations).

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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