Is there a master list of all Community categories (not just the top level)?

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
  • etc.

Highlight the text and click on the bulleted list icon.
Or, manually type an asterix then a space in front of all items you want listed.

Download this Excel file.

It contains all the main categories sorted alphabetically, along with all their respective subcategories. I’ve added both the category names and URLs for your ease.

TL;DR - You can extract all the categories and their urls from the Categories page source code. I’ve copied everything into Excel, and from there on it’s just a matter of sorting, find-replacing and formatting. You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m working on an official post to go in announcements.


Thanks Richard - you always give the best help!

I don’t see that list tool icon on my editor

Spent a few minutes trying to figure out if it was an option I could turn on in my settings, but gave up without finding anything.

I was able to get it to work by manually entering the Markdown formatting code (- or *) in front of each list item.

My question was mainly about the extra white space that I got when I did it this way - when you did it, there was much less wasted screen space, which I really like.

In any case, this is a minor detail if I can’t get the basic two level fully expanded tree structure to work.

Nothing is ever simple with this stuff.

Thanks so much for the excel file, Jeff!

I was pretty sure that someone with the right knowledge and the right tooling could bang this out quickly. I’m not that person, and keep getting lost in the weeds.

When I look at the whole list, I can’t help but be impressed by the sheer volume of content Justin has accumulated over the years. I’m seeing categories that I wasn’t aware of, and want to explore.

My next challenge will be to figure out how to make my Apple iPad play nice with a Microsoft file format.

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It is underway …

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Looking good and you obviously have much work to do to cover all of the elements.

A quick thought re the OM section, could you make the “How They Work” guide visible in this list. I think a static spotlight would be better than me kicking off now and then, when folks have patently not read the darn guide. Just a thought.


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Terrific start, Richard…thanks so much for taking this on.

A suggestion, if I may:

I think the three things I red lined are redundant - that info is already in the clickable links.

Removing them would increase the info density on the screen, and make it easier to scan the whole list.

Just a suggestion…you are doing the actual work, so do as you please.

Let me know if there is any way I can help.

Thanks Tom. I wondered that myself and wanted to take a step back and view it in the topic with fresh eyes before deciding.
I think I will remove it.

I can make that into a new sub category all unto itself and link in this topic Toby.


Glad you agree.

Another thing to consider is all the Course Lesson topics. I’ve never liked how they are smack in the middle of all the other categories.

In my mind, they are a whole 'nother thing, and should have their own, separate fully expanded tree.

Many times, I have wanted to skim through a list of all the lesson videos so I could re-watch a specific video, and this would make it easy.

What do you think?

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There is a lesson map on the website where every grade and course is broken down into a list of lessons contained within that Grad/Course.

Huh…I don’t recall ever seeing that…gonna take a look right now.

ok, found it

This has the same problem that the Categories page has - it only shows the top levels, it’s not fully expanded.

There are 8 modules in grade 1 and each module has 7 to 10 lessons. So you’d like a list of about 80 lessons all laid out. And that’s just Grad 1 of 9 Grades, then there are all the Courses and Categories.
There are over 750 lessons on the website. How is a list of all these lessons going to benefit anyone?

The other thing which I have mentioned before is knowing the date when a lesson was published.
So if you are looking back to review some aspect, you can spot if a past lesson of interest has been updated so you can check if it contains a new gem.

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I already explained upthread how I think it’s going to help me, and I’m assuming that at least some of the other users as well.

But you are correct in pointing out that it would be a lot to plow through if it’s all in one list, and this would require some thought as to the best way to organize things.

In my mind, expanding out the lesson list is less important than doing the same for the rest of the Community categories. And it’s a lot of work if done manually, so it’s certainly worth discussing if it is worth doing at all.

I think it depends on how the first phase goes. If it’s a good approach, it will be embraced by other users, and we can decide then if we want to expand the effort.

I just got a “Nice Share” badge for this topic (though it’s not clear to me what I shared :man_shrugging: ).

Since I started the topic, there must have been a dozen times I’ve wished for this tweak to the Categories page - anything new on this going on behind the scenes?

@Richard_close2u , I know you were enthusiastic about this - for a while, at least - and started to create a prototype manually (after my similar attempt failed because of lack of knowledge and tooling).

Still think it’s a good idea…but then I would, wouldn’t I :smile:


Tom - the topic I created on the back of this one got a mention in a recent newsletter - with a name check for you and @Jeff so maybe that gave a spur to your receving extra likes.
I do need to return to that topic and continue with all the lesson specifics at some point. I got all of the ‘top’ section of the community categories completed.

Ah… that explains it – thanks! I was a little behind on my email.

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