Is There Anybody Out There? ... 1st upload and Hello from Dave

As promised, first video upload to say hi!

Well at least the YouTube algorithm recognised it :grin: Copyright claim :roll_eyes:

A few artefacts on the sound but it is a zoom recording…


Nice and mellow, thanks

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Nicely done Dave very good clean first post, I feel I should know this but for the life of me can’t place it but it is so familiar. :sunglasses:


…Is There Anybody Out There?

I’ve a long road ahead to get to comfortably numb :slight_smile:

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As plain as the nose on my face ! Senior moment doh. That was good btw ! :sunglasses:

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Well that was a treat to catch before hitting the sack :smiley:
Just lovely and very well played.
No nits.
Look forward to your next share

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Lovely work Dave. Your staging added to the mystery and the magic.

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Sounded good, sir! And really good for a solid buck 25 is pretty impressive for a first time out of the barn. As someone who listens to a lot of music, I appreciate you keeping it short and sweet. Well done!

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Mighty fine AVOYP debut, Dave, look forward to many more. That sounded fabulous.

I found myself conflicted by the video, loving the moody atmosphere and wishing I could watch your fingers dancing over the strings.


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Thanks all,

I’ll post a piece of “work in progress” next, (although everything old and new is always evolving).

@DavidP @batwoman thanks, already I am learning things I wasn’t expecting to be learning, if that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Nicely played Dave.
With that subdues lighting we could be asking, “Is there anybody in there?”

Did you know about this

I reckon you should drop yours in there too.

Wow no, cheers I’ll check them out.

That looks like a good idea :+1:

Super stuff Dave. A really well played AVoYP debut. Well done, I really enjoyed that.

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I enjoyed that. The mood lighting added to the mystery but as others have stated, I would have enjoyed seeing you finger movement.

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Gosh that light in the background sure made your vid dark. Unless that is the look you were after, you might want to pull the shades down.

Well done on your playing. I liked it and it sounded good to my ears.

All the best and keep rock’n,

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Beautifully, melodically and neatly played.
A stylish performance in general.
Thanks for sharing, Dave!

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Very nice! Nice song selection as well. Thanks!

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@LBro :slight_smile: well may do a reshoot for the challenge area…

That was very nicely done Dave. Smooth playing and I thought the video set the mood perfectly to go with the song.

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