Is this course suitable for me?

Hey Folks,
I want to step up my rhythm game and wanted to find out, if this course is suitable for me!
I feel really confident with all 8th note strumming patterns and can change them up with songs I know and also sing along.
16th Notes work out if I put loads of focus to it and it works out to figure them out when I listen to songs.

So my question is : Does it make sense for me to get this module? I kind of feel like lots of it I already know how to do it and I don’t know if its worth to buy the module or not.

Cheers in advance!
ps.: I’m not sure if this topic shouldve been put in any of the other categories. If so, sorry for that and move it for me please.


definitely worth buying the course.

Absolutely ! Best investment I made years back when half way through the old beginners course. :sunglasses:

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I concur with @Socio & @TheMadman_tobyjenner, a bit of a learning curve but well worth it.


Hey Nikolai,

I thought my rhythm skills were coming along reasonably OK before I did this course. After spending a couple of months on the course, it really catapulted my rhythm to a new level. Highly recommend this brilliant tuition, and a great reference as well. And for the price, Justin is basically giving it away.

Cheers, Shane


Thanks for the feedback guys!