Its not my time cover - 3 doors down

Heres the other one! Man this one is hard lol. Hope you guys like it! Its Not My Time Cover - YouTube


What do you find hard Bytron? You look pretty much in the zone.

Hey batwoman!! Just switching chords and keeping rhythm this song strains my hand really hard. Big workout for me lol.

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Great intro and love that palm-muted strumming, Bytron. Good to hear a couple from you again.

How’s it going with the looper?

I can see why it gives your hand a decent workout. Great stuff again.

Thanks once again! Yeah its a workout for sure! I actually havnt messed with my looper lately lol. I need to, maybe soon! :slight_smile:

Hey Byron,

Another great one there mate, and looked pretty tricky to me - lots of muting and some tricky phrasing there, but you seemed pretty relaxed. Glad you were playin it :grin:.
You’re lookin pretty healthy there too mate. Somethin’ must be agreein with ya’.
When are you coming to an open mic?

All the best.
Cheers, Shane

:star_struck: so good. Picking and strumming! Great technique. The movement for the barre chords looks very challenging to me. You carried it off well. Always love a discord and you gave us one for the penultimate change I think(?).

Hi Byron,

I see the work out :sunglasses: :clap:…Well done…looking fresh :sunglasses:

Hey Byron, that was really good mate. The picking and strumming techniques you apply to songs are top notch and vocals were on point. You pulled off those challenging barre chords effortlessly.

Tricky phrasing and strum muting in that one Byron. Good job!

Appreciate all of your guys comments!! Thanks for giving a listen as always!!! :slight_smile:

Not an easy song to play and sing not to mention on an acoustic! Good job Bytron, would prefer you pulling out an electric for this though :grinning:

Thanks Adi, yeah its a pretty difficult one for sure!!