JK Oct 2023 - 2 yrs - Layla, That 6th Trick, Just Breathe (added 3rd November)

Absolutly fantastic JK! Knew you had the bar raised quite high allready. But this was amazing…
youre progress is really insane. Different planet really…
that sound from that Maton is awsome by the way… is that a clean sound??

Well done Mate!!! :raised_hands:t2:

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Thanks Eddie! Glad you enjoyed it. Took plenty of practice with that song to get it there.

Cheers Rogier. It is a classic song that so many people know, and was aspirational for me. I’ll come back to it again! Great that it’s a long term one in your repertoire as well.

Thanks for the kudos on the strumming. Having played it you would know about the right hand muting that has to go on during the main chorus riff to have it sound right, stop all the loose strings ringing out! That’s a key part of this one.

lol, thanks Trond, really enjoyed your comment :rofl:. Nothing special about me, I just play a lot… and tackle stuff I can’t do a lot.

Yep that sound is a clean sound. It’s from its pickup, it has a combined piezo & mic pickup. Running through my amp into a simulated Fender Twin Reverb, with a bit of reverb added in my DAW. The pickup is one of the best available for any acoustic, which helps immensely! I also had a very small amount of camera sound mixed in - even though my camera has a super crappy mic.


This was an impressive take on the song. I’m curious how long you worked on it. I think I must have song ADHD or something because I get bored of songs and don’t stick with them long enough. Someday I’ll break that habit. Thanks for posting.

Hey Jeff, thanks for checking it out. I started learning it on 9th July. Easy date for me to look up as I remember starting it the day Eric played it at an OM. I started with the rhythm parts, the lead I started learning a couple of weeks after that - which was the biggest grind, I find lead takes ages to get down.

I’ve been playing it regularly since then, but not every day. So about 4 months.

Absolutely. That would have been an appropriate way to celebrate your two year anniversary! Congratulations JK, and thanks a lot once again for the hints and feedback you shared here in the forum :smiley::+1:

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Here’s another 2 year progress piece. The 6th Trick, the last of Justin’s solo blues piece from Grade 4. In the practice piece there is a turnaround, and it goes through again, but I abridged it to a single run through the main 12 bars.

It’s fingerstyle acoustic blues, but I felt like recording with the electric. Which is a quite a bit less forgiving on stray strings.

Again, pretty representative of my playing, warts and all.



That was great, JK. You’ve made great progress with the piece which I think comes down to a combination of practicing effectively and enjoyment. I think you would have great fun (and are more than ready) to tackle his solo blues course.

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Could not agree more. Sounding good JK and proof all those acoustic Blues skills are transferable. You’ve sure packed a lot into those 2 years sir ! :sunglasses:

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Hi Jk,
Nice and sweet :sunglasses: :clap:
I also did this on electric … but I wasn’t lazy to skip half of it :sweat_smile:
I am a big proponent of shortening verses of songs with vocals that we do without vocals and only with guitar, such as Angie, but then following Justin’s arrangement … and especially with these very short songs like Yesterday and blues arrangements , especially because it is often the most difficult in those 2nd parts…My reason for needing so many takes, but I’ll never forget those songs en kan nu op elk feestje dat spontaan spelen :sunglasses:

This first part went so smoothly that it can’t be a coincidence :sunglasses:

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Very sweet JK and super impressive!

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Thanks @Socio @TheMadman_tobyjenner @roger_holland and @Eddie_09

I’ve had a look at that course, and it sure is tempting for when I’ve finished Grade 4 (which is pretty close now). I’m going to take stock and figure out what I’ll do for a while.

Oy oy oy! I did that for the benefit of the listener, so they didn’t have to hear the same thing again :rofl: I usually play it with the turnaround.

Thanks Eddie, Justin has a few of these pieces to learn and I find them pretty good skill builders.


:laughing: oke,
Then I dare to say on behalf of all listeners that this is too short and I may / must / want / would like to add that extra 30 or 40 seconds next time :sunglasses:

Hi Roger, I skipped the verse without vocals in my OM version of Angie but I replaced it with a verse of Wild World just to test the patience of the audience.


Hey JK, great job, I dont have the knowledge or skills to give any specific tips. I know this song reasonably well, I did it at an OM couple of months ago but I never watched it back as I felt I performed it so bad compared with how I normally would. So maybe my tip for myself is to just accept poor performance as just part of progress and I should keep playing this song until mistakes are less likely. It is a great song and if you keep at it I am sure you will master it. I am not so good at navigating around the site so I have not found your performance of Sweet Child but I am interested as i am now learning this perhaps with an future OM in mind.

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Hey, thanks Eric! This is a long thread now, and I’ve said it somewhere in there, but your OM performance of this was my inspiration for learning it. I started learning it the next day :smiley: So thanks for that! I enjoyed your performance of it a lot, so if you feel like you didn’t do it well - well it was good enough for me.

Here is Sweet Child: It’s just the intro though! Was a bit of a milestone for me. Sweet Child of Mine intro - JK - Oct 2023

I hereby do solemnly swear, not to bore the listeners and viewers of my videos by playing the same 12 bars again exactly the same :rofl:


Hey JK, congrats on your 2yr anniversary! :smiley: You’ve really achieved a huge amount in that time.
Coming in late on this but enjoyed both performances very much, glad I didn’t miss them. Some fabulous and well deserved compliments above, along with great tips, so not much to add other than to say I very much look forward to seeing what comes next! :star_struck: :+1:

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Thanks Jeff!

Well the micro-level what’s next, is I’m probably going to add one more recording to this thread.

The bigger picture though, who the hell knows? :rofl: Not me! Although I’ve been thinking about it a bit recently.

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:joy: Yeah that’s a tough one! But good to see you’ve still been pondering it though, would love to hear any updates on that, if you feel willing to share :smirk: :pray: :wink: :sweat_smile:

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Hey JK, thanks for mentioning me as an inspiration in this way, that must be a first. Now you have inspired me to revisit this song.
At one time I decided to try and learn all the songs on the unplugged album but I never completed that project surprisingly :grinning:. I got as far as Tears in Heaven, Layla, Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out and I have done all of these at OMs. I also learned Signe but I have forgotten it by now. I recall someone did that really well at a past OM.
I found the Sweet Child intro play through , good job on that. I always find it very difficult to get the flow going smooth on the first time round even with a click track but it gets easier 2nd time when some drums come in and then 3rd time round with the full band it starts to flow easier. I think you mentioned something similar.

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