JK's learning log

Aha… so it is some kind of interaction with a teacher through recordings and such?
Did not know that…

Sorry JK for crashing youre LL

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That’s it Trond. I thought Chris was great in the way he responded. It was a few years back so no idea if he is still so actively involved. I’d hope so given how important feedback is in general and perhaps more so when learning something like singing.

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Nice update JK and interesting to read the atmosphere and feel of the OM you visited, hopefully the others you mention will be less, I guess, intimidating?

I’m genuinely pleased to read that you’re investing time and learning into your vocals, no doubt if you approach it the same way, and with the same dedication, you have with your playing you’ll be getting to where you want to be in a relatively quick time, and enjoy doing it. Breathing is very much at the heard of alot of what’s needed imo as is your comment on finding your own voice and being comfortable with it.

Hope you get better soon, 2024 seems to be a rough one pretty much everywhere for illnesses, at least we’re not locking down eh?!

Good luck, and can’t wait for you to begin to share the improvements you will be making :+1: :+1:

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Well its been a few days and I hope you are feeling a bit better.

Enjoyed your update and can totally relate to it. I pretty much gave up on singing and playing, as I had zero confidence in my vocals, despite positive feedback here on colabs I had done on the old forum.

I could not hold pitch and had zero range but decided to have another crack around the time @batwoman and @DavidP started looking and talking about the Chris Liepe course. OK it took me a year to not quite finish the 12 week course and my singing improved no end (I think) but I am still not sure I’d want to go fully public, if I had the opportunity,

Guess the point I am moving towards, is that once I realized singing and playing was possible, despite taking 2 decades to figure out, I pretty much dropped all other guitar development for the best part of 18 months and immersed myself in improving that one skill.

So I can totally understand your plan of action, especially having 121 lessons. You’ve reached a good playing level, so no harm in using and consolidating those skills, while focusing on the singing. And I am sure you’ll get to a point where the vocals are such, that you’ll know its time take the guitar further.

Look forward to some updates. Best of all and have fun !



One if it was Hurt in the Johnny Cash version, the other one was an Original of yours. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the title. Maybe there were even more performances, gut those I can’t recall as well. Jeez, I’m already now forgetting things as if I were 97. :rofl:

I guess it will turn out to be just fine. You will still sound like JK and your talking voice is also pleasant to listen to, so will be your singing voice with right technique - I’m quite optimistic on that! :smiley:

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Oops, just realised I’ve been tardy with replying to you guys on my LL! Comes with some reduced community time recently.

Yeah, definitely pro level there! Hopefully will go to another one soon, I haven’t made the effort yet. Maybe over the next couple of weeks, there’s some I’ve been eyeing off.

And yep, singing lessons are going well, but I am at such a low base. I’m making progress already but have a LOOOOONG way to go.

Yeah, that’s where I’m at Toby. I’m playing guitar but improving there is a much, much lower priority than singing. I’ve basically ditched structured guitar practice and am just doing songs. I’ll probably reintroduce some structure practice in a small amount, as I’ve been missing it.

Hey Lisa, yep that’s what my singing teacher says, we’re working on changing how to sing (which has been quite wrong) to the way I should sing, which should use my talking voice. Working on mixed voice now as my M1 is pretty low by default, so a lot of songs for me would need mixed voice, rather than M2 as my M2 sounds pretty bad at the low point it kicks in. Slowly getting there. Thanks for the encouragement.


That’s all that matters mate and good to read that :slight_smile:


Log update time.

The last few months have been - interesting? - guitar-wise. Guitar has definitely taken a back seat to other things in life. Musically, it’s taken a back seat to singing. Practically, it’s taken a back seat to family and a couple of other endeavours. So I’ve been playing plenty, still, mostly acoustic. And learning a handful of new songs. But I wouldn’t say I’ve been practicing hardcore. We had family staying with us for a while, school holidays - all sorts of different non-guitar focuses.

Late at night, instead of guitar practice, I’ve been playing video games because they’re quieter at home :roll_eyes:. TLOU2 & Days Gone on PS5 are both great btw… but not guitar! (I finished both).

I think this might be what “consolidation” is supposed to be? Which I never really did before. My fingers feel like they move more naturally with lead stuff, however the speed has decreased a bit with less focused practice.

The other things. Because I like to sprinkle a bit of personality.

My little puppy, Juno. Here’s another puppy pic as I know a few of you like them! She’s over 6 months old now, and a real part of the family. She takes a bit of attention and time for sure.

And one of the other personal things is fitness. Here’s me after having run a half marathon. I’ve been gyming more than I used to. I tried BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu) again, which I used to do over a decade ago. It was great but I looked like I’d been in a street fight after just one session. I’m too old for that now. So I’ve joined Crossfit instead.


Guitar though. I’ve learnt a few more electric & acoustic songs, but haven’t felt the inclination to record any recently. I think I’ve biased learning too many acoustic songs tbh. I need to learn a few more electric songs if I’m going to jam with a drummer at any stage. But I often am inclined to play acoustic - I like it more, I find it more organic, which is ironic considering my career in tech. I’ll record again soon… but I’m in no rush. Despite what I’ve written about before.

The last week or so I’ve been playing more guitar, and am spending more time around the community again. So I think I’m getting into another more focused stage in the rest-of-my-life endeavour that guitar is.


Thanks for the update, JK. Life’s like that I guess. The dog is gorgeous.

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Nice update JK, life often gets in the way of things, so focused practice often falls by the wayside but good you are still learning song. Try sticking with the BJJ, I didn;t stop MA until I was 53 and found it a great stress relieving - trying to hammer the carp out of someone and stopping the doing like wise, was a great way to destress from life in my IT Hell.

Juno really is a cracker :+1: Guitar wise despite picking up the G&Ls I’ve also been favouring acoustic, especially on the song side so you are not alone.

Thanks for the news bulletin !


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I had to put video games on a long hold to prioritise guitar. I feel I couldn’t focus and practice for enough time if I do both.

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Nice update JK! Life sometimes takes over…

I’m still trucking along but not putting in hours a day, did do a fair bit over the weekend but also a big bike ride on a new mtb so thats getting a bit more attention…

Doesnt helo it being dark during the week and being knackered mentally from work at the moment too !

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Doesn’t sound like it’s taking a back seat. More like it has embedded itself into your day to day life in a more sustainable way :smiley:
We’ve both noted in the past how much time you have spent practicing and foruming.
Good to see you have time to focus on your family, pets, exercise and other R&R (gaming).
I’d like to say you have achieved a nice work-life balance, but you haven’t mentioned work, so I’ll let that sleeping dog lie :rofl:
The good news is that because you’re still at the guitar (and probably will for the rest of your life), you’ll always bounce back to check in on the good ol’ alma mater :wink:
Carry on…


That’s a cool update JK and a nice variety of things going on with you. Congratulations on completing the half marathon!
So long as you’re playing that’s all that matters ain’t it? :slight_smile:

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Thanks ya’ll for reading my update @DavidP @TheMadman_tobyjenner @Boris1565 @RobDickinson @brianlarsen @Notter

Yeah, I did too. Although a few times over the past couple of years I’ve gone back to play some games (and correspondingly less guitar at those times).

Yep, you called it Brian. I went a bit less hardcore for a bit, and it is more sustainable. The foruming in particular. The fact the forum went through what seemed like a bit of a quiet-ish time from the regulars while I was otherwise distracted probably helped. I’m not going away though :wink:

Thanks Mark! It was my first half marathon, having run on-and-off for years but sustaining chronic injuries at times. I’ve figured out how to manage those injuries now, and I’m figuring out how to get a bit faster now.

And yep, just keep playing - don’t put the guitar down for long! :smiley:


I never could get into running. Many decades ago I was into Shoto Kan karate, made it to almost black belt, lol, then life got in the way. I do love the dog though.

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Great update to your log, JK, enjoyed the read, as usual. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting how life impacts us and gets in the way and “forces” us to rearrange priorities. It’s great you could still embed guitar in a quite sustainable way by focusing on learning new songs - that’s what it’s all about, I heard. :wink: I tend to focus more on acoustic, too. So you’re not alone. :smiley:

Juno is such a cutie! :heart_eyes: Thanks for including a picture!

Congratulations on finishing your first half marathon, great achievement! :clap: I was also on-off with running and always wanted to finish one myself - someday maybe.

Looking forward to some new recordings of yours whenever they will come. Also, I’m curious on how the singing lessons have influenced that part of your musical path. :slight_smile:

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Nice to read your latest update. A lot’s going on in your life! Kudos for finishing the half marathon! I used to trail run before I ruined both of my knees with major injuries. Miss it a lot!
Thanks for the pictures of your gorgeous puppy, seems as if she has become a full family member.

Nothing bad about that, we all need to slow down sometimes, you can’t always give 120%. I was tempted to say “enjoy the consolidating process”, but then I read about your BLIM ambitions, so I think those quieter times are somewhat over :blush:.

I can totally relate to this! Acoustic is much more “grounded” and I’m surprised by myself I tend to prefer acoustic over electric. Sometimes I’m really tired about all that cable and tone fiddling with electric. I’m glad I’m not forced to make a decision for one or the other.
I hope you have a blast with BLIM! Hopefully one or the other of the well-known participants remember their fellow guitar travellers on the main forum and keep us informed :joy:. Currently I feel a bit like a 3-Year old, sitting in a sandpit, not yet being allowed to run with their bigger sisters and brothers :rofl:. Enjoy the course and have a great time!


Ouch! I have had my share of injuries over the years but nothing I couldn’t recover from yet. That would be frustrating!

Yeah, back to more practicing, mostly electric now! The video games are back on the virtual shelf.

You know what, the hidden BLIM section on the community as super, super busy right now with all the BLIM people. It’s hard to keep up with everything!

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