JK's learning log

Thanks for the kudos Maggie. You’re making me blush.

You should post more vids Peter, so I can follow you more closely too :smiley:. Thanks for kudos.


Once again, congrats on the first JGversary, JK.

You’re an inspiration … the discipline, dedication, and desire to learn and embrace all aspects. In fact, in every respect, it’s hard to comprehend you’ve been here only a year, hard to imagine the Community without you.

Look forward to following your progress in year 2!

Keep on rocking in the free world!


Hi JK, it‘s always so interesting to read about other people‘s progress. Therefore, thanks a lot for your update. I enjoyed reading it :hugs:.
It‘s amazing, how far you‘ve already come in just one year. Congratulations on your anniversary :partying_face::champagne::clinking_glasses:.

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Hi Jk, what a great update, filled with a lot of positive spirit and motivating content. Congrats to your first anniversary, you’ve reached a lot in only one year!
Thanks for investing a lot of time in the community, you are always committed and constructive, adding lots of valuable content to this forum. I really appreciate this, as it helps others others along their way. Hope things are going well in the future. Dive into your second year, enjoy it and let us participate. Greetings :four_leaf_clover:

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Congratulations on your one year JG’versary

Over the course of this year you have shown that whatever goals you set you can accomplish them.

Looking forward to following you achieve your goals for Year 2.

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Fantastic job with the MCing, can only help boost your confidence :+1: (and of course paying back, well done that man).

I’m the same with the singing course, I struggled to get excited about singing ‘mama’ sounds, I get enough grief in the house as it is. I think if you can listen to yourself in headphones and adjust your voice accordingly you can make the rest up with confidence. There’s maybe more gold to be found with DYV, I could maybe extend my range if I dug further?

Yeah, the community helps take a ‘just messing around’ hobby to a new level. Not much point in learning if no one’s going to hear you. Simon and Garfunkel say it better (sound of silence).

Great to hear you have ambitions, you will do well :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jkahn Hey JK, I don’t think I had gone through learning log until now. Very good job on tracking your progress, goals, strengths/weaknesess…
I’m excited to see where you end up after your second year!
The thing I love about reading other people’s journeys is that there’s always something to learn and apply for myself, even if we have different taste in music or we are at different stages.
And as you and @adi_mrok mentioned, I wasn’t expecting this community to play such a big role in my journey in it, there’s always great discussions going around and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without it.
Thanks for great input in the community JK, like I said I’m very curious about your next steps and will be following your updates.


Hi Jk,
Great update,… lots of fun again for the coming year :sunglasses: :guitar:

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Thanks for the comments and kudos @DavidP @NicoleKKB @Helen0609 @Socio @liaty @KevinKevan @roger_holland

You know I’m just here to learn guitar and have a bit of fun! :wink:

Thanks Andrea. I think in someone ways I’m here because of internet addiction, and I find facebook/twitter/etc toxic and this place is great. I sometimes wonder if I’m overly “constructive” at times and have to bite my digital tongue.

I cracked up hard at “My Mom May Marry Marv”, couldn’t say it with a straight face. I’m totally with you on the listening on headphones and adjusting. And using a DAW with a tuner built in to check if I’m on the right note, those were both DYV tips. I do want to add more grit to my voice, similar to how you want range, so at some stage I’ll get back into it. Feels like work vs the fun that is guitar though.

I have no idea where I’ll be at the end of the 2nd, had no idea of this one either! I love reading LL’s as well, when someone updates one and I haven’t read it yet I tend to read it from the beginning… I started with @DavidP’s back in the day.


Awesome update JK and I can only reinforce evreyone’s comments so far on your amazing progress and contribution to our own journeys. Once again happy JGversary!

Also just wanted to say to you, as I know you’re really self-deprecating on this, your vocals on the OM on Saturday, particularly Riptide were terrific and a definite improvement. You say you’ve only done a couple of modules of the course but with the work you’ve already done imo it’s already starting to reap rewards. You’re going to spoil us even more very soon as you get through that I’m sure.

All the best sir, keep on rocking! :metal:

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And …Do you already know when you’re done reading that? :joy:

(I think I’ll have to continue with that too, I don’t think I have earned a star yet :blush:)…

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Yeah it was a marathon reading session! OK, and it was just David’s roadcase and update posts, not all the responses from people :rofl:.

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Thanks Mark, I’ve been working at it and I know I’ve gone from can’t-match-a-note and making up my own melody through to approximating it… sometimes… with a lot of work. I’m really not the beat myself up kind, but I try to look at reality in the cold hard light of day and see what actually is. And I know my singing still has a LONG way to go :slight_smile:.

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Well you’ve demonstrated already what you can achieve with your hard work mate so can’t wait to see what happens from here!! :slight_smile:

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Big congrats on 1 year JK, your dedication and hard work has definitely paid off. Can’t imagine where you’ll be in year 2!

Your cover of riptide was also excellent. It’s one of the songs on my list and it was the highlight for me on the OM.

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Hi JK, big progress for a year. Good you passed from wondering if the vocal workout was worthy to just do it. The best wishes for the 2nd year.

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So glad to hear that Alex. If I made your highlight list that’s awesome.

I’m hoping to see you perform at a future OM, maybe?

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Definitely a goal of mine if I can get up the nerve to do so. I’m tempted to just do it like you guys said during the OM but I’m terrified, lol!


A new year, time for some navel gazing.


Having done all the technique based Grade 3 lessons that have been published, and learned them to a reasonable standard, I figured it was time to move on to Grade 4. I was kind of waiting for the Grade 3 consolidation module to be published but got impatient. I’d already been playing barre chords for a while so may as well watch a few lessons on them. Does that make me an intermediate guitar player now? Who knows… what’s in a title anyway, but it’s the intermediate course. I’ll cycle back to Grade 3 as new lessons are released.

I did not do all the grade 3 transcribing. I’ve done probably about half of it. I found that that more I know and like a song, the easier it is. Otherside by RHCP was SUPER easy because I’ve heard it so much. I was quite happy that I instantly got the first note, and worked out the whole intro riff in about 15-20 minutes. With only one mistake. Other things like an Arctic Monkeys one (you only call me when you’re high) I find quite hard as I don’t know the song.

I’ve been learning quite a few rock songs. The rhythm parts at least. One of the challenges is that a lot of them include solos which I can’t do yet (some I don’t want to spend the time learning right now but are possible… some are MILES off my skill level). I might take a few of them through to AVOYP level, without the solos. Also learnt a couple of new songs recently for the next OM but no reveals there until the day :rofl:.

I’ve picked up the acoustic a lot more recently too, I like playing unplugged.

My singing is still pretty poor but has graduated from oh-my-god-bad to being able to hold a tune with a LOT of practice, with a sucky tone. I slowly continued with the Discover Your Voice course a couple of weeks back, and I’ve enquired about in person singing lessons.

I have discovered I can cover for my sucky tone by using reverb, which works well enough for the JGC OMs. Dry singing voice still bad, at least I have a disguise.

What constitutes a song? I improvise song structures and themes on the guitar frequently and some of these I take through to writing lyrics, etc. However see previous point, my singing sucks, so I can’t come up with vocal melodies yet.

I haven’t set any goals for the year. Just play every day and get better at singing. Generally integrate more riff based stuff with chord based stuff, which has been something I liked doing since grade 1. Maybe by the end of the year attempt some of the simpler Hendrix stuff.

That’s it, enough for now.


Hi jk,
Good and clear story, :sunglasses:
And you certainly have goals and I think they are good, :sunglasses:

Can I make a request? I’m not waiting for an answer :smile:,.,… have you ever thought about recording greensleeves again? I understand you still play it every now and then right?..that could be a nice progression thing,… I myself started working on that this week, … and if I manage to persevere then to record it in a few weeks, …
All that rolling makes it a bit clumsy for/by me :grimacing:


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