‘’Job lot’ of guitar picks (now taken)

Any beginner out there still trying to find the right pick? I’ve got a selection here you can have to try out…all different textures and sizes. I know they’re not that expensive but it can save a few Bob and the hassle buying/ordering from the shop/internet. Can post anywhere uk :v:


Hello Chas interested in your picks if still available.

Yeah still available, I can post anywhere uk :v: I’m guessing London? :wink: :hammer:

Just private message where you want them sent :+1:

Dagenham in Essex. But it’s still London to me.
I’m more than happy to pay your postage costs.

I’ve got plenty of stamps/envelopes spare so don’t worry about it, send me the address and I’ll post them Monday :v:

Thanks hopefully I have sent you a message.
I’m a fairly regular reader of the forums but don’t post much.

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Yeah all good :+1:

Thanks for this much appreciated.
I have just been given an old classical type guitar that I have no use for maybe I’ll put an add up if anyone can collect it.

Picks arrived safe and sound today.
Many thanks for this. All the best.