Johnny B Good Cover! Fender Telecaster Player Plus

Hey guys i have always wanted to do this one and well here it is! :slight_smile: Enjoy! Johnny B Goode Cover Blues On Fender Telecaster Player Plus - YouTube


That was great Bytron I remember once looking at your channel and thing I saw with most views was probably zoomed in fretboard of how you played Johnny B Good, you definitely haven’t forgotten how to play it over the years and it’s great you managed to sing to it as well this time around. Bravo sounded superb, and your new guitar definitely gave it a fresh breeze as it looks awesome!

Hey man thanks so much! Yeah after like 12 or so years im finally able to sing and play it at the same time lol. Now i just gotta memorize the lyrics haha! Yeah that old video got alot of views back in the day, wish i coulda sang it back then. This song does wear my hand out though for sure lol. You gotta be quick with it for sure! Thanks for the comment and listen! :slight_smile: !!!

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Awesome stuff Byron! Sounded great! :sunglasses:

Wow Byron, blown away by that one!

Do you use a slapback delay on that one Byron?

That was superb Byron!

Super. Great opening drawn right in immediately.

You mention memorization, that’s were I struggle. I think this sponge in my skull is saturated….no more room to hold new water. Lol.

Nice work!

Thanks liaty! Whats a slapback? No its just through a clean amp! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!! :smiley:

Hi Bytron,
Looking around to see if CT it lurking… you never know when something will step on those toes…

Hey, I found this one to be really great. Loved it and your vox, along with the play. Good job all around. I did find the challenge and response work to be cool. Though on the high strings response, it seemed the volume level was lower. It makes me wonder about the guitar setup and the pickup height(s). You might want to check that the high strings are sounding out at around the same level as your lower, thick strings. To me what you did shined through anyways, but if that response came in around the same level, it would be even better.

All the rockin best mate!

Lol!! Yeah i probably need a proper guitar setup, It hasnt been setup since ive had it. Thanks for the point though!! Ill def have to check it out! Thanks for the comment and listen!!!

It’s sounding good as it is Byron,

have a google, some 50s tunes have a really short delay (like 50 - 100ms) that gives it a sort of double sound, wasn’t sure if you had one on or not, my ears aren’t that finely tuned yet!

Not even sure if it’s appropriate for Johnny be Good, was just curious…

Oh ok that’s cool!! Thanks liaty!! I’ll have to check them out!

Michael J Fox has nothing on you. Loved the performance-you are so talented at playing guitar. Thanks for sharing! Great job


Wow thanks sdkissfan I’m happy you enjoyed it!! This is probably my fav chuck berry song

Well done Byron. That was a great version of a classic Chuck Berry song!

Thank you sairs for the comment and listen!! :slight_smile: GrOoVy!

Well its all in the topic title !!

That B a Good Cover. Here’s Johnny !

Well done Mr H, rocked it.


Great Byron!
I may have to return my Tele, mine doesn’t sound as good :sweat_smile:

Excellent, Bytron, really enjoyed that one.