Johnny Dowd on ‘How to Write a Song’

Well my only answer to that would be, look at Black Lace. :rofl:

I guess some people are good with words and others aren’t and I might be one that isn’t. I first thought about song writing when I was about 14 and always thought it a magical thing. I’ll will give it a go one day and see what happens.

Brian, I think you should be my positivity guru. :grinning:


That was super interesting and a fab production.

That can be your routine speech introducing Brian to the stage on your future UK tour.

A wise community member once said to me “don’t worry about it being the best English prose as if writing an essay or speech”. Just let the music and ideas within you take you on that magical journey. It’s actually quite relaxing.


Thanks James :grinning:

Name one. Go on… One. Single. One :laughing:
I’m actually torn whether I should be spending my time playing with Stefan’s hand-me-downs or listen properly to Johnny Dowd’s new album which dropped today :open_mouth:

Sometimes life can be soooooo stressful :crazy_face:

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Well if you have an audio cable Brian, you could plug your PC into the Katana, listen to the album and then you’re doing both. :wink:

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Haha, cheers, Stefan. I did actually plug it in but downloaded the Tone Studio instead and had a peep into the rabbit hole… Cool :sunglasses:
One positive spin-off is, I have now shifted my neat little THR into the living room, which is unobtrusive and doesn’t even need cables, as I have the wireless adapter :grinning:


Oh yeah, once you have tone studio there is plenty to discover. See you in the New Year. :smiley:

Ah, yes, I forgot to mention when I was there:
You’re only just over an hour away. If you fancy a trip up the M56/53 in March to see the real deal, I can put a ‘reserved’ cushion on the settee for you :wink:

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Oh yes please Brian. That would be wonderful. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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Haha, you might want to have a quick listen into his material before you commit :rofl:
I’ll message you closer to the time when I have the details. (Get in touch if I forget :roll_eyes:)

Not at all. Live music round at someone’s pad. A very personal gig, why would I not want to come? :smiley:

Thanks Brian, I will do. :slight_smile:

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Well Brian,
That was a tad off the beaten path mate… Kind of a laid back pep talk on song writing. I will have to watch again and see if there is something there that will help my sad renditions…


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Thanks for stopping by @LBro, even on the road less travelled :grinning:
Yeah, I’m not sure this method would work for everybody :rofl:
All the same, not every innkeeper will eulogize their expected guests with personalized songs…
If all goes well, I may even have enough interview snippets lying around on the floor to write an ‘after’ song as well. Who knows…