József's Learning Log

Blimey Jozsef 3-4 hrs long session practice? My fingers would cry for help :rofl: looks like truly a fruitful day, lots of interesting and challenging songs - glad you took most out of it :+1:

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It sounds as though you’ve been led by curiosity, discovery and inspiration to explore a variety of musical paths Jozsef. What a rich way of spending 3 - 4 hours.

That’s great, Jozsef! There’s nothing better than a day when it just all seems to fall into place! When you get into the groove like that you just don’t want to put the guitar down. :clap: :man_cartwheeling: :guitar:

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They did :smiley: I took a few short breaks, though, so it wasn’t a traumatic experience.

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Well that sounds like a very industrious session. Do you record yourself ? Would love to hear some of these practice pieces, Please share when you can :sunglasses:

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At the moment I can record only sound with my phone or tablet (I tried to record a video of myself, but then the sound quality was abysmal). The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio thread gave me an idea to invest in some dedicated recording equipment (we’ll see about the video sometime).

I hope to post my version of Is There Anybody Out There? in the guitar challenge, I still need to work on a few details.

NGD on the horizon? Well, it looks like that. There’s an instrument store in another city in Hungary where they are supposed to have the Epiphone Casino in stock. I sent them an email just in case. What’s more, they have an Epiphone hard case suitable for that model, too. And I could get them virtually for free as the store accepts payment by a type of benefit card to which my current and past employers loaded some :moneybag: By default, I could use the card for catering/ordering food or paying for accommodation, but during the pandemic I could not use it very often, and the tax brackets were also eased a bit, so now there are some extra funds sitting there.

In any case (no pun intended), even if they don’t have the guitar in stock and can’t order it either, I could still buy the case and the Focusrite as well along with some other items in preparation… And if they do, I would only have to pay out of my own pocket for the train tickets to get there and back (I wouldn’t like to buy an instrument unseen/untouched).

Actually, I’m feeling somewhat greedy now, and it’s a feeling I don’t like very much, so I’ll try to tone down the anticipation a bit. But things are looking promising from a NGD aspect.


Thinking ahead a bit, Jozsef, I assume given consideration of a 2i2 that you have a PC?

If so and should you pickup the 2i2, then you can make videos relatively simply using a free software OBS . You can feed audio in direct from the 2i2, no need to make use of a DAW. And with this you can make use of your phone as the camera.


Indeed I’m using a PC (laptop) so thanks a lot for this idea. I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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Yesterday I finally could spend some time with my 12 string again. I put the capo on as I wanted to play in standard tuning. It felt really good, my fingering is getting better.

Fast forward a few hours and I had a friend come over (he also played/plays guitar). I don’t know how he took the capo off the guitar (I was in another room) but it was busted. It took about 20 minutes to adjust the tension back to OK and even then sometimes the capo itself makes a buzzing noise, so I had to order a new one. :exploding_head:

That’s a real bummer, Jozsef.

Since this is your Learning Log…

Lesson 1 Learned: a capo is replaceable, a friend is not.

Lesson 2 Learned: don’t leave your friend alone with your guitar! :grin:


That’s true. At first I was quite angry, but then I felt a bit relieved that not the guitar was damaged. And it was completely unintentional, anyway.


Been working on Is There Anybody Out There by Pink Floyd for the guitar challenge. It’s becoming recognizable compared to the original recording. I think today’s practice was useful but a bit overlong as I got the tempo quite right, but after playing it a dozen or so times, I started messing up the picking pattern of the first section. I hope it’s just fatigue.

Also tried my new Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 and the microphone (see details here: NGD - as in New Gear Day). I’m starting to figure out how to place the mic in front of my acoustic, but I still have to work on my posture so that I’m comfortable and manage not to bump into the mic. I tried to record my amp as well, but that will require more experimentation with the mic placement in relation to the amp and my place as well so as not to record too much pick noise.

Now only the video part needs to be sorted out.

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Sounds like you’re having fun Jozsef. Looking forward to the Floyd recording. :sunglasses:

Sounds good, Jozsef. OBS will take care of the video and not too tricky to setup.

So I recorded myself today for the first time:

It’s take 10, not counting the ones for sound/video adjustments.



It was good Jozsef I could clearly tell you were in a zone and you did a good job. Quite a sharp angle there for holding a neck which is coming from keeping your leg the other one. Would check out if it’s easier to play conventional way for you as in some songs you might have issues with this postion. All the best.

I think the angle is good and helps with natural hand position (I prefer having the neck angled such that the headstock is about level with my eyes), but I agree that the crossing one leg over the other isn’t the ideal way to achieve that angle. I’d look at a guitar footstool, or maybe using a strap to get the guitar positioned, even when seated. Another option is a “guitar support” like an Ergoplay or Gitano; there are a bunch of different kinds – very common in the classical guitar world, just not often seen outside of it.

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I think it was pretty great, 10 takes is nothing. I have the same Fender acoustic as you, you played better on this guitar then I ever did :slight_smile:. Well done!

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