József's Learning Log

It was good Jozsef I could clearly tell you were in a zone and you did a good job. Quite a sharp angle there for holding a neck which is coming from keeping your leg the other one. Would check out if it’s easier to play conventional way for you as in some songs you might have issues with this postion. All the best.

I think the angle is good and helps with natural hand position (I prefer having the neck angled such that the headstock is about level with my eyes), but I agree that the crossing one leg over the other isn’t the ideal way to achieve that angle. I’d look at a guitar footstool, or maybe using a strap to get the guitar positioned, even when seated. Another option is a “guitar support” like an Ergoplay or Gitano; there are a bunch of different kinds – very common in the classical guitar world, just not often seen outside of it.

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I think it was pretty great, 10 takes is nothing. I have the same Fender acoustic as you, you played better on this guitar then I ever did :slight_smile:. Well done!

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I think the angle of the neck seemed bigger on the video than it really was. I find myself using a bigger angle when trying to get small details right, like here the parts after the C chords. At other times, I keep the neck almost horizontal. I’ll try to be more conscious about the angles in the future.

I’ve been thinking about a footstool or something like that to help with raising the guitar a little bit. I checked some images for the guitar supports, but I’ve never used such sharp angles. But who knows, maybe if I’ll spend more time on classical-like fingerpicking…

Thank you, I try my best :smiley:

Personally, I don’t use super sharp angles, either. Most of the supports are adjustable, though, to get the angle that you prefer.

Nice job, putting that first one out here takes guts, especially with a difficult song like that.

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Hey, on the neck angle thing I just came across this post/video in another thread. The positions those two are using in the video are almost exactly the way I prefer to position the guitar, seated and standing. (And it looks like the seated guitarist is using a rest.)



Mennyire vagy megelégedve az LP-vel? Nagyon jól néz ki, bár Gibson-ban jobb lenne, az egy másik liga anyagilag.

Tuti venni fogok egy ilyet, nagyon tetszik.

Keep rocking!

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Ez az első és eddig az egyetlen elektromos gitárom, úgyhogy kevés összehasonlítási alapom van. Nekem nagyon bejön, a nyak kialakítása kifejezetten kényelmes. A gyári action-t picit lejjebb vettem, ezt leszámítva minden alkatrész és beállítás eredeti rajta. A hangolókulcsok is prímák - pár nap után most vettem le a falról, és csak minimálisan kellett 1-2 húrt hangolni (nyilván ez függ a hőmérséklet változásaitól is). Elég sokféle zenéhez passzol, bár nekem fingerpicking dolgokhoz nem igazán illik , de talán csak a vékonyabb húrok (vagy az ujjaim) miatt. A coil-splitting funkciót viszonylag ritkán használom, eddig valahogy kimaradt a fókuszomból. Amit az LP-knél hátrányként szoktak felhozni, az a súly, de szerintem nem vészes. Pár nap alatt meg lehet szokni, meg nem kell hozzá extra erős heveder sem.

Összességében nagyon szeretem. Az Epiphone amúgy már több, mint 60 éve a Gibson egyik leányvállalata, úgyhogy elég közel vannak a hangszereik az “eredetihez”. Kifejezetten ajánlom, szerintem még van is készleten a hangszerboltokban. Én annak idején a Mezzofortében vettem, érdekes módon ebben a színben olcsóbb volt, mint pl. kékben…

Mostanában tervezek venni egy Epiphone Casinót (ez teljesen üreges testű és P90-es, egytekercses, pickupok vannak rajta), elvileg márciusban már lehet készleten az üzletben, ahol kinéztem magamnak. Remélem, nem kell hónapokat várni rá. :smiley:

Még csak két hónapja kezdtem el gitározni, de ez az LP nagyon tetszik. Olvastam, hogy a mahagóni test miatt a Gibson gitárja nehezebb, bár én úgyis ülve gyakorlok, nem hiszem, hogy zavarna.

A hangjára nagyon kíváncsi vagyok, vesszek meg, ha nem ilyen lesz a következő gitárom.

A Mezzoforte-ban vettem én is a Marshall gitárkombót, úgy láttam egy Gibson LP-juk van, Slash signature, 1 milláért. Mondjuk gyönyörű. :slight_smile:

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So the practice I planned for this weekend came to virtually nothing. I haven’t felt so sleepy for a long time, I guess this was a long week. However, there were a few small discoveries nonetheless:

  • Started to “transcribe” the trumpet solo from “Summer Sketch” by Chet Baker & Russ Freeman. I don’t want to rush this, so I’ll take my time. I already have the kind of main theme down, played at 2:30-2:48 and repeated at the end.
  • Justin talks so much about James Taylor, so I decided to check him out. His name was familiar to me but haven’t heard any of his music so far. I listened to an expanded edition if his debut album tonight, very pleasant music and a really likable (for want of a better term) voice. And what happened?
    – There’s a demo version of the song Sunny Skies. Pretty upbeat and jaunty music. I started to just jam along with the song with a pattern 1 C major scale on the first 3 strings and it sounded really good. I didn’t even look up a tab for the song and I don’t know if it’s really in C major but my playing sounded largely in place.
    – There’s another demo for a song called “Let Me Ride”, with a prominent electric rhythm guitar part. Turns out that playing along G, C and D chords to the song pretty much fits in the sound.

After all this, I’ll try to do some “real” practice before calling it a day.


It sounds as though you’re exploring a rich, fertile ground of musical discovery Jozsef. I’m excited by the treasures you’re finding and polishing.

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It seems like that to me too, though sometimes I feel my “projects” are a bit impulsive; anyway, I try to make the most of them.

For example, I’ve just realized that I got 2 notes wrong in the introduction of the trumpet solo yesterday – fortunately, I managed to find the correct ones today. I look at it as an alternative way of ear training to the one Justin offers in the course, and as a sort of challenge if I can find out/decipher what I hear.

It’s another thing that if I identify a D in this piece, I won’t recognize and other D notes in other songs off the cuff… I guess that’s where perfect pitch could help.

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Szerintem inkább a juhar felsőrész miatt nehezebb a többinél, de tényleg nem vészes ez a plusz súly. Leginkább én is ülve gyakorlok, úgyhogy valóban nem zavaró. Egyszer az üzletben kívácsiságból felkaptam egy SG-t, arra számítva, hogy kb. olyan nehéz lesz, mint az én gitárom. Kicsit váratlanul ért, hogy az milyen könnyű volt :smiley:

It’s time for a bit of update about my guitar journey :slight_smile:

1. Transcription Adventures Part 1

I managed to transcribe and play a Chet Baker trumpet solo – you can check it out here: (COVER) Chet Baker-Russ Freeman: Summer Sketch

This was my first attempt at transcription and I feel very proud of the results. Now I just need to do Justin’s transcription course to get going in a more organized fashion.

Since I started playing, I’ve always been wary about the ear training lessons and the interval ear trainer tool. Isolated pairs of notes somehow don’t work for me. As soon as there are 2 or more types of intervals to choose from, my ears kind of clog up with whatever interval is more frequent and the whole “test” becomes a mess. However, transcribing real music seems easier to me so far because the whole context is available and the patterns on the fretboard can also help put the notes in place.

I’m planning to work on this song and got an idea to try and make a version mixing single notes and chords, something like the piano part in the original.

2. Transcription Adventures Part 2

Well, I haven’t got these written down as these are much more concise, but I managed to play along with this song (by a Hungarian group) almost flawlessly on my 1st attempt:

It’s quite easy but great fun. I got more confident in my ears so I tried some of their other songs and suddenly this riff and most of the chords fell in place:

Also managed to crack the riffs of Cream’s version of Born Under a Bad Sign by ear and it became part of my “repertoire”:

Tried to sing it twice but messed up both the words and the music :rofl:

My attempts at Wiggle Waggle go back to my very first beginner weeks and now I’m getting more and more hip with the tempo:

A medium-term goal is to make some playalong videos of these songs unless a miracle happens and I’ll be able to sing the ones which have vocals.

3. Further Transcription Adventures

I remembered that in July 2021 I posted this song in the old forum and made a careless remark that it would be nice to play the guitar solo someday… well, last night preparations have begun and I managed to transcribe the opening section of the song (lasting until c. 1:10):

It’s in Eb major (or C minor) and, according to Wikipedia, “the key of E-flat major is often associated with bold, heroic music”. Sounds just about right.

I’ve known this song for a couple of years now and it indeed has a majestic quality to it, both in the ensemble sections and the solos. The guitar solo in question is from 9:15 until 12:02, played by Grant Green who is one of my favourite players.

What I’m thinking about is whether I should fast forward and tackle the guitar solo or try to transcribe the others as well, at least partially. Though the piano solo seems way out of my league.

4. New Guitar

On the way, hopefully. The store told me they are supposed to receive a shipment in the second half of the month. Fingers crossed.

5. Slide

Last night I’ve been tinkering with the slide on my electric guitar, kind of aimlessly at first. Then I stumbled on some fingerstyle patterns where I managed to mute unnecessary strings in a way that made the sound much more pleasing and purposeful. I had a crunchier tone selected on my amp and suddenly I sounded like a wannabe Duane Allman. So I’ll add slide playing to my curriculum and see if I can improve at it.

Now that I think about it, I’m sure my parents would appreciate the sounds I make these days.


Sounds like you are having fun Jozsef and making good progress on the transcribing.
Allman’s and slide ? Bring it on !

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Jozsef you are amazing! I love the whole hearted way you throw yourself into your projects and the dazzling results you are getting. You are identifying your strengths and preferences and letting them blossom. Your curiosity to explore new things, like slide is a wonderful thing.


That’s a lot of progress congrats :clap:.

I have the doubt of the difference between getting a Melody by ear or transcribing it. It is just that you write down the notes? Or there is something else?

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Wonderful update, Jozsef, I’m celebrating your achievements and passion, looking forward to the next recording.

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