July 2024, Gimme All Your Lovin (Zztop) Your Love Cover - Outfields

Sup guys!!! So I think i did pretty darn good on this one Hope you guys enjoy the video as I did in making it!!! :slight_smile: Cheers!!!

Just finished another one!!! This time Gimme All Your Lovin! This one was a little tuff, I did add probably too much delay lol.

(Edited the Gimme All Your Lovin! I took out the delay on the lead part and the fadeout at the end, I didnt like it so yeah!)


Did kinda mess up the rhythm guitar video/audio sync but oh well lol. :frowning:

Ok i kinda fixed it lol, i retweeked the song to where my vocals are louder and did a better fade out at the end!!! Also synced the video a tad better, best i could!! :slight_smile: I just learned how to do the fadeout in Ableton, pretty cool!

WOW ! Sounds great. The playing. The singing. The vidéo montage. Everything. Bravo!

Thanks @BigLuc !! I worked hard on this one took me around 6 hours to complete! :slight_smile:

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As always, well done! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks Pkboo for taking the time and commenting!! :slight_smile: I tried on this one lol!

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Just did Gimme All Your Lovin! :slight_smile:

What yall think?! :smiley:

Hi Byron.

Thanks for sharing, it looks like you have a ton of fun making these. :metal:

I’ll take a shot at giving some feedback for Gimme All Your Lovin. You’re by far a better guitarist than I am, so take this with as many grains of salt as you like.

The rhythm guitar part sounds really good - it’s grooving perfectly along with the drums. You seem to have a great sense of rhythm. Which is also why the next couple of points are a little baffling to me :smiley: :

The timing of the intro riff is quite off and it makes for a messy start to the song, which is a shame, because the rest of the song is much better in time.

Your phrasing of the vocal lines is quite different to the original; both in terms of the timing of the phrases and in the notes you are singing. You are not singing out of key, but the lines you sing are often harmony lines to the original main vocal. Perhaps your phrasing is a deliberate choice, that’s perfectly fine, then. It did put me off the vocals a little, though.
Also, have you tried standing up when singing? I find that it can often add some energy and support to the voice, which might be cool for such a rocking tune.

Keep rocking and having fun.

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Thanks for your comment @jacobbonde ! I have to agree with your statement about the intro, I tried to learn the original part to it but turns out its pretty hard lol. So i just kinda winged it! Thanks glad you like my rhythm! As for my vocals, i try to make some songs my own, I def know its different from the original, again i just kinda winged it lol. I cant really stand up and sing because of my studio setup i have to sit down and record. Thanks for your input and comment! Cheers!