Jumping Jack Flash Electric Cover

So heres my first cover of my new electric!! :slight_smile: Jumping Jack Flash Electric Cover - YouTube


I do like that song. You’ve done it nicely.

Good stuff Byron. Next thing is you’ll be taking off the low E string!

Excellent Byron, you really replicated that Rolling Stones sound. Really really cool :sunglasses:.

That was great Byron. Really well played.

Though I now know it’s no longer your new guitar. :smiley:

We have to teach you to just embed your YT link via a copy and past into the editor window here. Don’t use the link button! That way if someone wants to listen and type at the same time, they can do it all in one browser tab!

The above aside, I see this is your prior Tele. This is about what my Tele looks like. But I bet there is no comparison in play and quality… The G&L I got is a fantastic guitar!

Nice version of this song. Are you in standard tuning? You did it up well!

All the best,

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Open G Tuning. Thanks LBro ill keep that in mind yeah im not sure how to do that lol. I always wondered how people did that!

Nice! I’d like to learn some Stones songs, but a lot of them are in dodgy (i.e. non standard) tunings, and I’m still working on standard tuning - I think it would confuse me to play with another one.

Most def, believe it or not but Open G tuning is easier to play than standard imo!

Open G is what I thought, thanks for the confirmation…

Adding an embedded YouTube video is simpler for you than clicking the “LINK” icon and pasting your YouTube video location there. To embed a YouTube video in a post in AVOYP. You simply copy your YouTube link to the Windows clipboard, (Cont-C). Or use the YouTube “Share” button/Copy command there. Next you click in the window of your AVOYP post and directly paste the link in that window. It should then appear as an embedded video on the right hand side reading pane. Try it and if you have issues, PM me and I will help you.

All the best and keep that Tele singing!

Thanks LBro I’ll check it out next time

@LBro, if you embed your videos you lose the tracking count that we get from regular web links on this message board. It’s a pretty cool feature. People that spend time adding a cool cover image for their videos, it makes sense to embed. Typing and listening is not watching. There are other issues tied to embedded videos that I will keep to myself.

That said, @Bytron08 gets good click count numbers here and has a good YT following, with likes, comments, etc. He’s doing plenty of things right. I would suggest that he not change anything. (as I’ve said in the past about reverb, tuning down to Eb, etc).

Yes we have YT analytics, but the click count on the link is kind of cool too. Should we care about such things? Probably not. If you do or don’t care, then that’s cool too. Is it interesting to know? Maybe. Does it change anything? Probably not.

I see both points of view. It’s 6 and half a dozen. Some times its nice to see the video directly on the forum for convenience, other times its nice to click on the link and go to youtube to watch the video and have a glance through any other videos on the channel while there. That being said whatever format Byron post I’ll check it out.

I haven’t thought it about that way but you guys have a point for sure!! Thanks for pointing that out!!