Just having fun with this - My Maria

A bit of a story behind my attempting this song. I was at my yacht club where my friends band was playing last weekend (I got him the gig). A conversation struck up with a friend of my wife and I, who we have only known a few years (we met her at the club). This woman has a strong southern accent (we are in Massachusetts). Somehow the conversation went to her youth and her former husband from her Texas days who apparently passed away when he was only 38 many years ago (they were no longer married at that time). She told us his name was B.W. Stevenson. His name was new to me, some of you may know of him quite well. So when I got home I looked him up and discovered he did this song. So just for snorts and giggles I thought I’d try it. It is very difficult for me to sing especially the My Mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaiiiiiaaa! Which I royally mess up. But anyway, I just thought I’d post it for fun. I did not “learn” this song, I attempt it pretty much on the fly here. As always any feedback welcome. This was in essence a practice session done for the fun-of-it. The vocals a are a bit embassasing, but what the hey!

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Thanks for sharing the background story. I am picturing the humor in the different cultural accents. Texas, “I’m fixin to tell y’all about a song”. Mass “Fixing, you got to repair something? I would love to hear the story from You’s and record it but I left my phone in my cah, and don’t remember where I pocked my cah. We did crazy things when we were yutes too, like get married young.” Texas, “yutes?”. Okay that was partially stolen from Joe Pesci movie lol.

For your performance, my wife likes that song and she asks me to play it eventually. I think it is fairly easy as far as chords. I don’t know the words much yet and I am not a country singer so I can relate. The general feedback I suggest is to make the song your own. I doesn’t have to sound like Brooks and Dunn version. You can make in rock and roll or blues style if that is what you prefer.

the rhythm was nice and even so overall good job and thanks for sharing. Maybe play it an octave lower would be a suggestion. You sounded completely in time though for playing it on the fly.

Jeff from California

I pahked the cah in Hahvard yahd of course. Thanks much for the feedback!

haha. Love the East coast

You know it’s kind of funny, I have been told I have a particularly strong Boston accent. I worked 35 years in a very diverse high tech environment and have had people tell me so.

Yet of course as with most accents I do not notice it myself.
However, since I have been playing guitar (or trying to) and recording a few things, I now can hear it. Which in turn makes me try to minimize it.

I used to talk with a NY accent because I thought Andrew Dice Clay was funny in the 1990s, but now I am kind of bland. The Boston accent makes you unique. Sometimes people take classes to get rid of their accent. Sean William Scott for example had a thick MN accent and said he took classes to lose it for Hollywood.I don’t see a need to change. It is part of who we are. Thanks for sharing the video though. Feel free to watch mine. I played in public in Hollywood last week just to put myself out there. Latest one was Def Leppard Goodbye. No British accent in there lol.

Thanks for the story and share, Mike. I think this is your best yet. The guitar has had a tendency to sound rushed before but this time guitar sounded right accompanying the singing. Well done, Keep on keeping on.

Thanks Dave, much appreciate the feedback.

The only Boston accent I know is from watching Ray Donovan on tv! :smiley:
I enjoyed your vocal but felt you should slow down the guitar a bit. It just seemed a little rushed to me. But for a song on the fly, that was pretty good.

Yeah, definitely. Working on that, I know I need to get beyond that. Something in the DNA perhaps. A more is better thing. But working on it.

Thanks much for the feedback.

That was a good listen Mike and nice that there is a back story to go with it.