Just Older- Bon Jovi

Hi guys,

I’ve been in a bit of a slump as far as progress. I haven’t improved yet in timing or playing with a metronome. I guess I just need to give it time. I decided to switch it up and try power chords. This song is really not ready to post and I can do better, but so be it. Hopefully you will see a diamond in the rough. When it first came out in 2000 I really wasn’t that old. Now it hits home. Lol I’m off to Catalina island for a few and maybe I’ll post an acoustic video from the beach.


Jeff, looks like you’ve uploaded the video and scheduled it for publishing tomorrow.

As for ‘in a bit of a slump’, my take on that would be that from a learning/progress perspective, I’d frame it as ‘being on the plateau’. This seems to be how we progress, periods of noticeable improvement followed by longer periods of seemingly little to no progress, and the cycle repeats. That could cause a slump in happiness and motivation, if the expectation is to be obviously improved ever day in a steady upwards linear trajectory.

So maybe your emotions and energy are in a slump, but I suspect you are just on the plateau. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and in due course, you’ll again experience the joy of obvious improvement to a better level of performance. For now, enjoy playing as you keep at it.

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you letting me know premier was a day off. fixed the video to come on in about 10 minutes. After the plateau things will get better. I’ll hang in there and keep at it.

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Jeff, this one didn’t come across as well as some of the others you’ve shared recently. I guess perhaps just still early in the learning of the song and need to record again in a while when you have smoothed it all out.

I did notice your strumming hand was stopping at times, rather than playing all the rests as strums that miss the strings (you know the drill :grin:)

Hi Jeff. That one’s coming along but a bit of work required to bring it to the standard of your others. Was your guitar in tune? Might just be the vagaries of YouTube but it sounded off to me.

As for the ‘slump’. Don’t worry about that. We all go through them for all sorts of reasons. Other things that need to be done. (I’m currently busy painting parts the house). Getting stuck with a particular chord/technique can cause the motivation to wobble. The list goes on.
A day or two off and the motivation comes back!

Thanks everyone for the honesty. This one was not ready to post and I haven’t really tried power chords singing and playing before , esp the whole song. Going to enjoy the ocean air, relax, and try again. I’ll get there.


I think it’s good that you decided to switch it up and try something new because it’s easier to see you’re progressing when you’re learning something new.

Have patience and keep on rocking. :guitar: You will definitely get there! :slight_smile:

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Stick with it bud, some days it just clicks