Justin Guitar Beginner Guitar Journal

Believe me, the more you are in, the more you get an overview of the whole offer. I can highly recommend to stay close to the website, use the app for play along and maybe excercise, add Justins song videos to get more out of a song and use the songbook to progress to build up your song repertoire. And very important: stay in contact with the community. It may take additional time at the first sight, but it offers so much useful infoation which helps a lot to not get lost on the way and saves you from getting avoidable problems others already described. Mostly it’s really usefull to read the matching threads before starting a new practice item, so you can see were the problems are and get useful information in advance.


Thanks for the advice Helen and and will be sticking close to this community.
It has already inspired me just the early interaction so far.
I will try to post a video soon


I really like this idea, I can imagine that a journal that can be stuffed into a guitar case/gig bag, with some pre-printed resource sheets for people starting out (with QR codes to link to online content or even for “Used your last one? Get more sheets here!”) would be a fantastic aid to a beginner.

There could also be some additional material that help people to plan and track their progress, e.g. some resources that let people jot down at various times what are their campfire, developer and dreamer tunes (hopefully over time things will move into the campfire category!).


Hi, JustinGuitar team! I think a physical journal is a GREAT idea. It’s neat that you think about new learners so much.

I’m a newbie, and in the course of practicing, I soon felt the urge to take note of things. So I grabbed a tiny spiral that I can throw in my guitar bag.

I have yet to get a consistent format for my notes in it. I just kept updating the format as I learned more about what makes for a good practice routine, what things I like to remember, etc. A pre-made journal such as the one you guys are thinking of developing would solve that!

A THOUGHT: To someone’s point above, once I started using the practice routines at Justin’s website and in the app, my physical journaling fell off. I think it felt like double and triple documenting going back and forth between the app, website, and physical journal.

I’ve been trying to think about how to address that. Perhaps if the physical journal had a section of practice routine pages that were very easy and fast to use – that allowed for a lot of flexibility. Maybe a section of pages something like the following, but better of course :slightly_smiling_face: :

Despite having felt that double/triple documentation feeling, I truly love having the few journal pages to read through that I DID create. And I definitely wish I had more journal pages to read.

Here are a few images from my journal. I don’t know if they’re useful at all, but they show some of what I felt prompted to capture as a new learner.

If you produce a physical journal, I’ll probably buy it. Especially if it has blank areas for us creative type folks to reflect. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Thank you for all that you do, Team JustinGuitar. You’ve really put together a space and materials that make new learners feel that we can succeed. That’s huge.



Hey @zys

So cool of you to share all this;
I’m poking @Barnatab here, our Designer :wink:
She’s designing templates and this post could help!


This topic came up in another in a discussion with @Richard_close2u
It occurred to me that as I am only on Module 6 your Developers might be interested to see what one beginner has collected together. Happy to take a short video and post or email it. Don’t worry no copywrite issues as it only contains things from Justin’s website, community or I have created myself.
Let me know if you want to do anything.

Regard Michael :grinning:


Thank you @LievenDV and thank you @zys for sharing these journal examples with us!
The practice categories + tech/videos used are very interesting as I didn’t think of these in my draft layouts but will definitely make another draft based on this insight. Also, I love your reflection areas.

And thank you to everyone who shared some input in this thread. It’s greatly appreciated!


As my post above I will do a short video of the notes I have collected together so far as a beginner and let you have it in the next day or so.
Regards Michael


Thank you, Michael! That will be very useful. No rush though, whenever you have time.
Have a great day :notes:

Barbara @Barnatab

As promised see below of my personal beginners’ notes. I have attached two video’s, if they are not clear let me know an email address and will send them by my OneDrive.

Michaels Beginners Note2 - YouTube

I would add the following thoughts.
I am only on Grade 1 and just started on Module 6 so very much at the beginning of my journey
I don’t know what audience the Journal is going to be aimed at, perhaps Beginner Grades 1 to 3.
My notes are just a collection of items have that I downloaded and printed from the website or produced to act as a quick reference.
It also includes some of my notes and information for the songs, not handwritten, as my writing is terrible and sometimes illegible even to me, so all word processed.
I started with just one display folder but quickly had to get another to be my song book.
The lesson folder includes Music Theory and will include the other courses as well in the future
The advantage of the display folder type is that you can add and move things around as you progress.
I assume the intention is to preload the Journal with some information and allow space for the user to add their own material.
Planned practices and a record of Modules or courses that I have completed are in a separate loose-leaf folder, as it changes all the time, I have included record of progress as the other video.
I would have thought that part of the preloaded information should be a summary of the various Modules. Perhaps along the lines of what Justin produced for the Radio 2 programme, back in 2012. I came across it by accident and posted a topic on it. @Socio indly put up the notes, which I have now included in my folder. I had passed through some of the modules by then, but it does act as an aid memoire and would have thought that is the sort of thing that could be preloaded.

Hope this is of some help and would be happy to respond to any queries or review anything you might want, just get in touch.

Of course, these are my notes and I am sure other community members will have their own which could be quite different.

Best of luck with the project.

Regards Michael



Thank you Michael @MAT1953

It is super useful to see how your notes are collected. I love how flexible your system is.

We’ll get in touch when we do some product testing. Thanks again for all your input.

Have a lovely weekend :sunny:

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Glad it was helpful.
More than happy to assist with product testing.
I think you hit on the right word, flexibility, as what you want changes as you progress through your journey.


Just a further thought, one thing I came across when I set out was “jargon” and spent a long time looking things up. I expect you will have thought about it but Glossary of Terms would be very useful.

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Hello - I’m trying to find my way round all the different offerings and wondering whether there exists an overview anywhere that could help newbies understand what the different options are and how to choose. I’m still relatively new and had initially thought I had signed up to the class of 2023 in January. I was patiently waiting for it all to start to then be informed that actually I’d not signed up. I’ve paid for the app but found that the free lessons are clearer and more detailed on the website and YouTube. It feels like there is maybe an ideal way of cutting across all of this that I’m missing?

@Sound_Bound on your daskboard click the Course tab a drop down window will open with all the courses

Hi Stitch - thank you for the speedy reply. Is that this page - https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons It seems to overview course content on the website but not other platforms, apps, books?

The free apps are under the Tools tab the paid app and books are under the Store tab.
The best place for the Beginner Course is the website it has more details in the text under the videos. Most people with the app like to use it to practice the songs that go with the lessons. The website also has the practice assistance to help keep track of your progress.
To stsrt on the website just log in and click on grade one under the course tab. All the lessons for grade one will come up in order. Good luck with your leesons and remember to have fun. Learning guitar is a journey not a race.

@Sound_Bound @stitch

The original post of the thread was as the title suggests about a Beginners Journal. I did at the time supply my thoughts and some of my information but heard no more.

My guess but I don’t know that it may have morphed into information for “The Class of 23”,

I am not a member thankfully, beyond that stage, but would be interesting to know if there are members of the Class in the community if such a document exists.

@mat1953 @stitch Thank you. I’ve been plugging away at the beginner course since signing up to the site and the app in January. I think the Class of 2023 was only taking people that were new to the guitar?

Yes that is my understanding, of the Class of 23 it was aimed at absolute beginners