JustinGuitar Books at my local library

My local library has a suggestion box. I wrote suggestions for ordering 5 JustinGuitar songbooks. And they accepted it :slight_smile:

It will be great to see JustinGuitar songbooks at my local library. It may help people in my area discover this great teacher. Like they say… spread the word !

And, I, off course, will rent them many times hahah !


Hi Mathieu,
What a great idea…talking to my local library with this idea it’s on my list of things to do this month now :sunglasses:,


That’s really cool Mathieu - what a great idea.
I will let Justin and the team know.


Awesome Rogier and Richard :slight_smile:

I think I might borrow this idea if you don’t mind.

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Yeah ! The more the better :slightly_smiling_face: Every library should have Justin’s book :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha… “borrow”…I get it - like borrowing the books from the library!
Love this, I think I’ll do the same. :smiling_face:


This is truly a cool idea.

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What a great idea, Mathieu :+1::smiley:.

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Thanks for the positive comments :slight_smile:

I remember going to that library 10 years ago and they had ZERO books about guitar. Then, last week, I found only one and it was released in 1997. It was definitely time for some new stuff !

If I had found Justin’s book 10 years ago at that library, imagine how good I would be today hahah ! :rofl:

Which books did you suggest?

My plan is that the library has the whole JustinGuitar songbook collection. So, I started with 5 (beginner, pop, rock, acoustic and blues lead solo). And I will wait a few months and suggest the others :slight_smile:

My favorite is the rock one as I challenged myself to play and record all songs.