Justin's live workshops - Any feedback or review?

Hi everyone,

I checked out the Workshops section on the website and saw that there were quite a few events in continental Europe. I’m toying with the idea of saving up some money and attending one of these next year.

Has any of you ever attended these workshops? I’m curious about your impressions, including the venues, infrastructure, etc.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I haven’t been, but it’s on my bucket list. The photos look amazing, and the reviews from participants rate Justin’s workshops as first class.

I have been to two of his workshops/masterclasses at UK Guitar Show events and they were great. He even asked if anyone in the audience wants to jam (the topic was blues improvisation) to give direct feedback and suggestions. Quite a few people had enough courage to join him on stage.

He really is a superb teacher, so I can only assume the full week ones are even better than his teaching at these conventions!

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Yes, I was one of them. It was great.

I would love to go to one of the workshops too.



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I had intended to attend the workshop in the Caribbean this July. Unfortunately, the resort cancelled the event to undertake some major renovations. Hopefully it will be rescheduled for next year and I will be able to attend then. Europe would be fun but is a bit far.