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Hi Brian. Radiohead are a band that passed me by so I don’t know the song at all.
I’m glad you mentioned the structure of the song as when I listened to your version I was thinking what’s going on, Brian’s all over the place with this one. However after giving it a couple of listens and listening to the original on Spotify I realise it’s a really good song that takes a bit of effort to get into.
Well done on another great performance.

I totally get where David is coming from. Much contemporary music and many bands have passed me by.

For Radiohead, the most accessible, essential, instant-fix of great rock album is The Bends.

OK Computer is more dense by far.

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Well chosen band, JK, as I am one of the Stones lovers here :laughing:. And today I still think the albums from their (brief) peak period are fantastic, start to finish, and for the rest that followed I’m with you that over time they have produced some great songs and have a great repertoire for live shows (which perhaps should now be part of history?).

Oh I know it :wink:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Have you ever listened to Nirvana’s Unplugged album, David? That was the one that got me hooked on Nirvana. Nevermind was then a great album after I discovered Unplugged.

The only Radiohead CD I know is the Bends, but I quite enjoyed this song. I quite like the sound on your guitar too. I guess I’ll have to delve deeper into the band now!

The only song of Radiohead I know is Creep, never really was that much into the Radiohead, so all I can say is well done Brian :grinning:

That was excellent Brian and I’m sure @roger_holland really appreciated it. Time for a man hug you two?

A great song to cover and I’m sure Thom would be well pleased with it. :smiley:

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I thought I had taken this one in… So I scanned and then searched for LBro with no hits. Thus, here I am lending an ear.

I can’t say that I recall hearing this one prior. I must have lost my hip and mojo? I like @DavidP was away from the “new music” a while, so maybe that is my excuse. Though now that I hear the original, I might have heard that fade out prior.

Nice cover in play and vox. The capo looks like it was slapped on at an angle. But over all one unmistakable thing stood out to me. Your smile and joy of performing were top notch up there. Keep that my friend as it is infectious!

All the best and keep up your mojo!

I haven’t, just seen one or two songs on YT, Mari. One more try to become a convert, maybe :thinking:

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I’m not really that much of a fan of Nirvana but that Unplugged Album is one of my favorite albums. Definitely worth a watch and listen. Link here for you.


Thanks James. I shall take a look with an open mind … ears :wink:

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Thank you for indulging the digression, Brian. I shan’t apologise as I have been part of previous digressions and you replied that you enjoy these off piste moments.

@mari, you made the suggestion of checking out the Unplugged. @Socio fearing I may not get to do it, you nudged me by providing the link, James.

So I almost then felt obliged, so I have watched the show …

Have to say it just doesn’t do it for me. A combination of the songs, his singing, and the overall vibe. Perhaps if I’d been listening back when I was younger, I may have connected more with it, that sense of angst that I get.

For now I confess that after the first few songs, I’d had enough but did listen all the way through. On the setlist, I like Comes As You Are (along with Smells Like Teen Spirit which wasn’t in the show) and would include those on a playlist (could have said mixed tape :rofl:). And without going back again, my sense is that I liked the Bowie cover best. That aside, I enjoyed his banter with band and audience, did come across as a chilled dude. And whether I like the band or not, he passed tragically and of course way too soon. I wonder how Nirvana and he may have developed.

So my favourite of the Unplugged sets remains "The Godfather of Grunge"s show. As we said before, a lot to do with context and those formative years, each to his own, long live rock n roll!


@DavidP I think its commendable that you gave it a listen from start to finish. A lot of people say thats not for me without given it a try. I presume by Godfather of Grunge you’re referring to Neil Young? I’ve not really listened to much Neil Young stuff (well apart from the AVoYP and OM performances on here). So in the name of community spirit I’ll give that unplugged album a listen to this week.

Bit late to the party Brian but enjoyed your cover. Yes I know Radiohead !! I think doing 24x7x365 shifts for 4 decades helped, especially when the likes of MTV and the early rock shows started. Coming home at 0100 and needing to unwind with nowt on the tele but music kept me in touch, Lots of forgettable bands but always enjoyed a bit of RH ! Nicely done sir.

@Socio :blush: I do try to keep an open mind and recognise their place in history, James. Yes, I was referring to Neil Young.

After the HoF induction and playing Rocking in the Free World, he made a record with Pearl Jam (minus Eddie Vedder), Mirrorball, and did a few shows with them.

He’s an interesting artist given that he covers lots of different styles, follows his own muse that sometimes delivers the goods, sometimes beyond forgetable. I shan’t ramble on here but if the Unplugged per chance piques your interest happy to point you to some albums I think are worth a listen.

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