Knocking on Heaven's Door (first AVOYP)

I’m finger strumming in this one, because the pick seems like too much for this song. I’m working on picking or finger picking it, but doing that and singing needs a bit more practice.

There’s a few chord misshapes and some missed notes in the singing - the chord misshapes I could tidy up, but the signing is about the best I can do.

I need to work on production quality, but I figured I should just upload this one, as I keep finding excuses not to.

Would appreciate any feedback.



Hi Wayne,

Great first AVOYP I’d say mate. great work on the consistent strum pattern. I’ve been playing this one a fair bit recently it’s a great song to play and to sing. I’m currently trying it with a Bass and Drums Backing Track.

I would like to have seen the whole guitar so I could watch both hands, I enjoy watching peoples techniques.

Picking or fingerstyle would be great for this song so I look forward to yours, it’s a bit above me at the moment. I do use a pick to strum it tho’ a very soft 0.38 pick and quite enjoy the sound, have a play around you might be surprised.

Well done Wayne :+1:

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Hi Wayne,
Welcome to AVOYP and nice choice for your first one. Your playing is pretty good on this and a bit ahead of your vocals. But I suspect your more into guitar than vox… So be it…

At any rate, good job first time out and about in here and well done!

Be well,

Well done Wayne. Congrats on posting your first AVoYP.
Steady strumming and some embellishments thrown in too. Good stuff.
I’m sure if you work a bit on your vocal you’ll improve.

Next time change your camera framing to show both hands. That way you’ll get advice - if required - on technique.
Are you left handed? If you are, no problem. If not change your camera video settings. :smiley:

Guitar sounds good, Wayne, enjoyed your performance. Keep on keeping on

I echo the others. Very good first AVOYP. Nice, fluid, steady strumming and I while I couldn’t see your fingers I could pick out the chord embellishment. Keep it up.:+1:

Hi Wayne,
Your first video is an important and exciting step :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:(I don’t actually know how long you’ll be playing for etc.)…great job and judging by your rhythm guitar you didn’t start last month…Supper :sunglasses:

Hello Wayne, and congratulations on your first recording :partying_face::clap::+1:!
And that was really a good one :smiley:.
Nice and consistant strumming. And I like the embellishments you’ve thrown in.
It’s one of my favourite songs to play, and I do it quite similar. Also without a pick and using a similar strumming pattern.

I’m no great singer at all, but by practicing it regularly, I’m definitely improving. I’m certain, that this is also true for you :slightly_smiling_face:.

So keep on what you’re doing :+1: and thanks for sharing :hugs:.

Thanks Craig. I didn’t think of just using a lighter pick for this, that could have been an option too. I’ll post the picked version when I manage to pull that off (could be a while)

Yeah I’ve been playing guitar longer, and prefer the guitar over singing. Thanks for the feedback

Hi Gordon.
Yeah I’ll work on a better camera setup next time. Thanks for the feedback

Thanks David :slight_smile:

Thanks Joe. The embellishments are pretty basic in this one - just an AmSus4, and I’m not sure what chord I’m actually playing for the C, but I’m just doing the same as the Am. Seems to work.

I’ll work on my video setup next time so my fingers are visible :slight_smile:

Thanks Rogier. Yeah I’ve been playing for quite a while, but I also had a kid not long after starting, so my practice time is has been very limited.

Thanks Nicole. I looked at your cover too. very nice.

I think our singing is probably at pretty similar levels. I’m taking vocal lessons and my singing is actually much better than it was before I started (i was terrible!). I find learning to sing is harder than learning guitar, but maybe that’s just because I like the guitar more


Congratulations on your first video. :slight_smile: Very nice and consistent strumming throughout. You could try as the next step to add some strumming variations, maybe some picking. You can explore lifting fingers in chords, adding pinkie on f3s1 (g) in your C and Am chords, etc.

Hi there Wayne, congrats on the big step of a first AVOYP, you’ve got some nice playing pieces going on with embellishments thrown in there and vocals are very well suited to the song.
Enjoyed that a lot, thanks for sharing and will keep an eye out for your next ones!!
:guitar: :heartbeat: :boom:

Hey Wayne. That was a good first AVOYP. As others have said, your embellishments are good. Your vocals are good too, and with your voice lessons, will improve even more.

Would love to know more about your guitar history. If I linked or shared this correctly, here is where you can go to formally introduce yourself, if you wish to.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP Wayne.

That was very enjoyable and well done on playing and singing. The strumming and chord changes sounded good to me.