Knocking On Heavens Door Loop Cover

Heres another one guys lol :slight_smile: Enjoy!!! :smiley: Knocking On Heavens Door Loop Cover - YouTube

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Byron, that was excellent! You are getting really good with the looper. Great vocals too!

Thanks man! Yeah i love this thing!!! :slight_smile:

Hey Byron,

Another great rendition of a classic song. You’re the looper master now man!

A quick question if I could, following up on @SandyMusic 's question on Youtube re your mic setup.
So, your mic’s going into a 1/4" mic input on your amp, amplifying your voice and the guitar. Then you’re mic’ing up the amp with another mic to record into OBS. Is that right? Thanks mate.


My mic is connected to my amp correct but my other mic which is really just a recorder i think, might can use it as a mic im not sure though. Its just connected to my computer and I record my stuff with OBS with that. Its a Samson G Track Pro if that helps.

Thanks man!

Thanks for clarifying Byron. Helps alot finding out others setups, so I can educate myself a bit :crazy_face:


Np man anytime!!! If you have any more questions feel free to ask me! Thanks for the support!! :slight_smile:

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Once again, a superb performance! Love that song and you did it justice. Really liked the subtle lead lines.

Another fine recording, Bytron.

How many of the songs that you play can you play from memory, particularly the lyrics?

And for the rest do you have a convenient solution that could work for live gigging, be it paper-based or on a tablet to be attached to a mic stand.

With this looper to mix things up, you’d do great as a coffee shop/bar (depending on the nature of the place) gigging muso.

Hey David!! Thanks Man!! I use to know alot of songs by memory but have faded because I have not played them. I probably could do at least 10 or so. I honestly would prefer paper with all the lyrics on one sheet, but i reckon a tablet would work to if you could fit all of them onto it. Yeah i think i would do good i think. Cheers!

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Nice! You’re having fun and gaining confidence with the looper and building, layering & constructing songs. I sense more passion in your vocals as well. Keep banging out the loops my friend!

Damn, man! Nice work!

I wouldn’t even know how to turn the looper on!

Thanks CT and Joe! Yeah im having alot more fun with this thing for sure!!! When i went into guitar center to find a looper i was looking at the boss-rc1 but they were sold out… So they recommended me the boss-rc30… I was hesitant at first but im so glad i went with this one!!! :slight_smile:

Sounds super cool Bytron, gush I wish I could get this sort of looper one day :grin: for now I will just enjoy your takes :slight_smile:

That was excellent. I can just about play the chords in the right order but with none of the fancy bits you do. How long have you been playing guitar? Please don’t tell me 6 months :slight_smile:

I think you should change your user name to ‘loop the loop’. :joy:
Another great one Byron.

Thanks man! LOL nah i been playing for like 12 years or so.

Phew. That’s a relief. Some hope for me yet.

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I tell everyone that just keep it up and you will get there! But most of all just enjoy playing and most of have a passion and you will get there! I still got alot to learn also! Dont give up!

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