Landslide by Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks my latest cover

Hi Justineer’s
I have just learnt to play this classic. Well I stared ok with my picking and lost my way part way through but I still like it.
So here it is for you all to critique.


What a lovely version Ron, clean and clear and lovely to listen to. Bravo, so much to enjoy here.
For the changes between C and Am7 you have a G/B chord. I would suggest you look to change the way you finger it. Currently you are using your index finger for the bass note B on the 5th string. So your index finger is jumping from 2nd string to 5th string to 2nd string, your wrist needs to rotate and your hand / arm need to shift to achieve this. It is not optimal or efficient in terms of movement. You have it sounding fine it must be said.
You may find it easier and more efficient to play G/B with your 2nd finger on the 5th string and your 4th finger on the 2nd string.

One other point. You may wish to consider a right-angled jack. I was cringing at times when I saw the straight jack pushing against your cushions and imagining that one over-enthusiastic movement could make it to push too far and cause a bit of damage in your socket.

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Beautiful performance Ron - awesome work. I have no critique to offer I’m afraid, but can I just say again, awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Ron, I enjoyed this.

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Thank you Richard for the feedback and great comments.
I will give it a go re the G/B chord. I don’t even think about it now. Bad habits…:joy:
Regarding the jack, I have only just got the sofa in the room. I use to be on a stool. Our daughter came home and put her sofa in our lounge room, so I took ours and put it in my music room. I hadn’t even noticed it pushing into the cushion.
Thx for the warning.

Thank you Mal. :smiley:

Beautiful song and I love your cover. Great solo interlude too.

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Very nice Ron, it’s one of my favourite songs from Fleetwood Mac, you ain’t Stevie Nicks but you’ve got a great voice and sing it with conviction, excellent cover!

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Wow that was amazing Ron! Great job all around. Love your voice.


Hey Ron,
Nice Fleetwood song and well done I might add. Nice tone on the guitar and you seem to have the higher end covered with your vox work. Enjoyed it and looking forward to more!

All the best!

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Such a great rendition. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been playing, cos you are sure picking up strumming, fingerstyle and embellishments amazingly quickly?

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Great version Ron. Super guitar work and your embellishments we’re terrific. Really good vocal too. Well done.

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That was great Ron sounded really professional to me! What camera are you using to get the image so good?

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So pleased you enjoyed it Mari. :smiley:

Thank you Darrell.
It is a great song and was fun to learn, play and sing. :smiley:

Thank you Byron. I appreciate your encouraging feedback. :smiley:

Cheers LB.
I am working on Dear Prudence by the Beatles.
Hoping to post next few days. :smiley:

Thanks Sandy.
I started playing when I was about 14.
Back in those days I was a strummer only, no finger picking.
Like many, family slowed me down for a few decades lol.
When I retired about 5 years ago, I bought the guitar you see me playing. It is a Maton Messiah. I thought after spending all the money on it I better get serious about playing again. That started my journey with Justin, found his YouTube videos and lessons and started really working on my finger picking style. It has been getting smoother in the last year.

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Cheers Gordon.
Thank you for the great comments. :smiley:

Thanks Adrian.
The camera I am using is the main camera in my iPad Pro.
I do all my recording on the iPad using my Focusrite scarlet 2i2 with their App “Impact”.
Cheers :smiley:

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