Landslide (with fingerpicking)

Started to play Landslide by picking out the notes, rather than strumming. I love how it sounds and I think it’s really fun to play like this. No singing this time because the fingerpicking takes up all of my attention!

I am pretty much running straight up and down the chord every time (finger order T 1 2 3 2 1), but I think in the original they might use some trickier patterns.

Also since I recorded this clip, thanks to @Richard_close2u I found out that these chords from the JG app are a simplified arrangement. Apparently the D is actually meant to be a D7/F#, and the G is meant to be a G/B. So now I am working on bringing the slash chords in to my playing.


Sounded great Brendan. Well done. Clean sound, and the straight up and down picking worked well too for this song. And again, you had solid rhythm, super important.

You’re progressing well mate. Gonna be a big next 12 months for you I reckon.

All the best

Cheers, Shane

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Good going Brendan, very clean throughout. The song works just fine with a simple picking pattern as you play here. It’s such a good song that the most basic of strumming would work too.
If you want to have a long term aim of the ‘proper’ picking and / or incorporating some of the ascending / descending bass lines then check Justin’s lesson: Landslide by Fleetwood Mac |

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Sounding great. You’ve got a solid finger picking technique to build on there

Hi Brendan,
I agree with those who spoke earlier, you have a stable rhythmic fingerstyle playing, and that’s great! This can be the basis for further complicating the guitar playing and adding vocals. Waiting for new videos!

Hi Brendan,
Well done and a nice start…and of course listening to Richard…

Hi Brendan, that was really great. Lovely steady fingerstyle which I think is more difficult on electric due to the string spacing. Well done.
As others have said it’s a song that can be developed endlessly as your skills improve.

It’s a terrific song. I love Fleetwood Mac, both the original Peter Green blues stuff and the later Rumours etc. incarnation.

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That was great Brendan. Very smooth on the fingerstyle.

Like others have said, plenty to work on with this song, so a keeper for a good while I think.

Keep on at this rate and you’ll be finger picking singing before you know it.

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That was amazing, very soothing to listen to!
Also thank you for introducing me to this song!

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Agreed, I started out playing it with strums and I do like how that sounds. My first video with Landslide was using basic strums: Landslide (with singing). That was just down strums on 1 and 3. I think I used the ↓.↓↑.↑↓↑ strum pattern for a few sessions, and that worked pretty well too. But there is something about the fingerpicking with this song in particular that feels very ‘right’ to me.

I did notice that Justin had a lesson for this one, and I sure will check it out at some point. For the time being, I am having a good time listening and experimenting and trying to figure stuff out.

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Hi Brendan, in my opinion you play your finger style pattern good in two ways, steady rhytm and accurate plucking of the strings so you get a nice sound that sounds harmonius with the other ones. Keep working on it. Also I think that going with a simplified arrangment, mastering and later refininig it can be a good approach.