Layla (Unplugged) - Eric Clapton

Hi all. I got around to trying out the main solo for Layla so that I could finally do the whole song all the way through.
It’s annoying that there are 3 verses to get through before the main solo appears… so I couldn’t be bothered to try and get a better take after I got this one.

Whenever I go into solos, I throw out the thumb/finger positioning rules. I use my thumb quite a lot to hit the notes even on thinner strings - or basically whichever finger is most comfortable for me to use at that part of the solo.
Also if I can find matching notes on the thinner strings, then I generally use them to avoid the higher frets that are harder for me to reach on my non-cutaway guitar. An example of that is when I use the lower frets on the B & E strings for the 6 mini slides.

The only changes in my new Layla video compared to an old one that I did last year, was the inclusion of the main solo as mentioned, and slightly slowing down my tempo to get closer to that of the album version… but my tempo here is still a bit inconsistent during parts of the playthrough.

If I ever bother to learn new stuff for the verse sections so that they sound less dull, then maybe I’ll make another video of this song in a year or two :slight_smile:
Feedback and comments welcome, thanks.

P.S. For comparison, below is a link to the old video which only had a rough version of the shorter solo at the very start of the song. And the tempo of that playthrough is also a bit quicker.

Layla (Unplugged) incomplete, old recording

Below is an even older audio file, which is just me basically repeating the verses and chorus riff over and over again (without neither the intro solo nor the main solo)


I think that was great Sandro, really got this claptonese in there going, fab job! I think one thing you could benefit off which was mentioned in another poet was a backing track, that would fill the emptiness that was hidden before your wonderful solo. Evem if it’s just a drum beat that would make it heaps better, just my opinion :slight_smile: all the best

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Sounding good to me Sandro and well done for making it to the end. Good perseverance ! Yes a backing track would add a little extra but more than happy to just listen to just the guitar this time :+1:

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Sounded good sir! You just picked up a new subscriber. No one here (that plays this good) should go through life with only one subscriber! :slight_smile:


Nicely done!

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Good job :+1::+1:

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
A fine performance, Sandro, I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I can’t offer you any specific (and accurate with confidence) feedback on the playing of the solos, thinking specifically about the timing and feel, with the intention to help you to continue to improve your playing. You are in point of fact, playing above my play-grade.

That said, I did have a feeling that the intro solo was played through in one long burst and my memory/sense of it was of there being a couple of pauses here and there to take a metaphorical breath, but I could be totally wrong.

All that aside, it was excellently done.

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@adi_mrok thanks man, your comment is much appreciated. Yeah, I think backing tracks and/or vocals had been mentioned to help fill in some gaps… but since I suck at the latter, then I might try to get into the habit of searching for backing tracks for certain songs. I remember last year there used to be a nice BT website with a huge catalogue, but it seems to have been shutdown and the other sites are kind of hit and miss. I’ll have a look around though. cheers

@TheMadman_tobyjenner cheers Toby. I sort of had a brief look at the main part previously, but left it on the to-do list quite a while ago.
However, recently I’ve been trying out some improv licks on-and-off since I checked out the blues Grade2 module the other week. And because I think copying solos is a bit easier for me to do at this stage rather than improvisations, I just figured I’ll go back to do the Layla solo and finally make it to the end of the song.

@CT thanks for the support mate, especially for being my first ever subscriber :rofl:
Joining this community last month was the only reason I started posting anything on youtube, so I’m glad it was someone from here that broke the duck. I haven’t actually told anyone IRL that I’m uploading stuff, but I might eventually let a few mates and relos know down the track to take a bit of a look if they want.

@TheCluelessLuthier @half_step thanks for the comments guys.

@davidP Cheers for the compliment and feedback David. Maybe after hitting the D note on the G string I could’ve let it “breath” for another split sec or so… if that was the part you were thinking of. I’m eyeing off another song to try with a little solo in it, so I’ll see how that one goes. After that, I might try to move away from clapton stuff for a little while :slight_smile:

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