LBro's YouTube Playlist of all songs ever done


This Playlist is a smorgasbord of songs dating back to August of 2015. There are originals in here mainly done by myself or with NaNa (my daughter) too. There is also a few flavors of collaborations and covers, some done with others in the USA and some internationally. The credits are listed in most videos at the end of the song. Later songs differ in that they are presented by a ‘Media Outlet’, offering the song at the start of the video as follows:

  • West Coast Media - Likely to be originals I have done as a one man band or including NaNa.
  • Coast to Coast Media - All collaboration members are from the USA.
  • World Wide Media - International collaborations from around the world.

Some LBro’s favorite highlights
Old Engine 109 - Possibly best original to date - Original
Hey Joe, Cover Song - OH49 Guitar work - Good Jimi H. play - Cover
Sad Man’s Tongue - Rocks big, with Kasper guitars, starts like J Cash and goes full metal! - Cover
Give Me Oil In My Lamp - 3 Generations of family Sing - Cover
Ring of Fire - Uptempo Cash will knock your socks off! - Cover
The Deep Blue Sea - Duet with LB and NaNa - Original
Fly Lacey Fly - Great Eagle shots & backing vox - Original

Enjoy or cringe,


LBro, love that photo of Production Central.

Definitely “enjoy” not “cringe” when taking a look and listen to your productions!

For those who’ve not listened to any it is certainly worthwhile to dip in and sample some, both covers and originals.

Hi David,
The photo is pretty old as those were my old monitors setup. If I can still edit the post I may do a shoot of the new setup and replace that pic. Thanks for the kind words!

I like your fancy “Rock on” graphic or whatever that talking head is. Pretty cool!

Take good care and continue to rock!

It is indeed and super easy to do. You go to this website, search for the animated GIF of choice, right-click on it and select “Copy link address”, and paste in your post. The editor then takes care of the embedding.


How great to be able to access your back catalogue at this one stop shop. As @DavidP said for anyone not listening to our Little Brother before, just hit play and sit back, enjoy the ride.


Thanks Toby,
You rock as well!


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I’ve previewed all the songs. Some more then others and I’ll be returning to listen more. I don’t have the knowledge of how you put these together but I admire the results. Great work.

Wow, even if you just sampled part of each song and listened more to others, that is quite a lot of listening! I thank you for the kind comments and for perservering to take in the ‘extended play album’… :blush:

Not sure what you would be interested to know about here “in putting these together”. But if there is anything I can expound upon, just let me know and I would be glad clue you in. I can tell you that some of those songs took months to do and may have had 200 hours in them. All for about 3 minutes of audio and often, video. This is what I like to do though and I like the often hard work!

You take good care and keep rock’n,

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Hi LBro!
You can be proud of such a list!
I remember it all, and I’ve just listened to a few of them.
And I remember how my wife and I were waiting for the moment when Give Me Oil In My Lamp would be broadcast on the radio station. It was great success! It was unforgettable.

It wasn’t difficult to give a quick listen to them all. I was trying to find the dud but couldn’t find it! Just kidding!

Well John,
If you could not find a dud, maybe you could find a top 40 hit? I could use some additional retirement dough!

You take good care and keep on a rock’n,

Ah Leo,
Glad these brought back memories for you! Indeed the radio play was pretty cool. They used that song every week from there till the host of the show moved out of Vegas. So it ran weekly for over a year on his show.

Give Me Oil In My Lamp is the all time top song that has been done on YouTube hits wise. It just keeps plugging away…

All the best to you this holiday season and be well!

Ah! Love to help out with the retirement fund! Unfortunately, an impresario, I ain’t! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello LB,
For a whole year - it’s cool! I didn’t know that.
Actually, it was a great idea to sing this song by three generations of your family.
Well, and I strummed a little on the acoustics there :grin:

‘Ring of Fire’ was great! It felt like listening to Bert from the show “Big Bang Theory”. I loved it!

Thanks for sharing!

Not a problem John,
I live comfortably and have a fair amount of guitar company. At least enough I don’t desire more. Well, for the moment at least!

All the best and keep rock’n,

Hi Leo,
Yeah, Roman was not sure about the vocals the whole way through this song. He said it was up to me to make it happen and sort it out. I think the little girls crushed it and did a great job. Imagine if they had not both been sick with colds and congestion!

Keep rock’n and all the best!

Not sure exactly I was fortunate to bump into and discover this cover. I sent it and a few others to OH49 and once he heard it, had to do it. So that we did. It sure put a new spin on old Cash himself. He always wanted to be a rocker!
Keep Rock’n,