Leaders of the Free World (Elbow cover)

@tRONd mange tak!
I’m afraid I never continued my ‘seamstressing’. Some of my kids were a tad anxious that I would actually wear such things in public :laughing:
@jkahn Cheers mate :grinning:
I reckon I’m in good company, as all videos shot for songs have the musicians miming the track.
It also gets rid of the ‘red light syndrome’ :laughing:

What can I say… the dress… the air guitar playing… you are truly an entertainer… never change… truly remarkable mate… look forward to your next one… which will hopefully be a collaboration with @roger_holland providing his sweet melodies to go with your showmanship.

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Always entertaining Mr L. Didn’t know the original but the collab came out well from an audio perspective, so maybe with Reaper sometime less is more. Assume summer has arrived in the Wirral or were you prepping for Aintree Ladies Day ? Not that I’d know when that was but all you needed was a huge tit’fer. All reminiscent of the live ToTP recordings.

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Ahhh Brian I do love your performance art! I thought the audio was absolutely spot on actually and a really well put together collab. Not sure who mixed it but they got the levels and panning pretty spot on to my ears for the different instruments. Great song as well.You are what playing guitar is all about…PERFORMANCE


@Socio Cheers, James :smiley:
Much appreciated.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner. Ladies Day come and gone (only £43 for a bottle of cheap prosecco this year!). Ah, the good ol’ days of TOTP. Sigh…

@Rossco01 Oooh, what a nice comment :smiley:
Muchas gracias senor! I do feel like I should knuckle down and concentrate on learning new skills, as opposed to hoping that I just pick things up whilst messing around.
We’ll see. Cheers

Well however you’ve gone about it has worked out well, dare I say, beyond your own expectations :grin: So I’d say keep doing what you are doing, following your own muse, responding to inspiration, and blazing a trail that is greatly admired recognised.

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Brian in a red dress playing air guitar.
Am I dreaming?

Inspired by my idol :smiley: