Learning and practicing standing, sitting down or both?

Hi, all spiring guitar gods! :wave:

So, my plan for learning and practicing is to do all the lessons on my electric guitar, then I do all the practice on both the electric and the acoustic guitar. I have just ordered a guitar chair, since my office chair is not doing my back and neck any good while I’m playing.

But do you guys just sit down while doing your lessons and practice or do you mix it up and alternate between standing and sitting?


What stage are you at?

Right near the beginning, sit down. It’s easier. Stand up if you want… but it’s harder to maintain control. You have to anchor the guitar.

Justin goes into standing up towards the end of grade 2.

Personally I change it up quite a bit. Although any complex lead stuff is easier sitting down.

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I do switch between the two but I do prefer standing. This I only did though once I was comfortable with playing the main open chords without having to look at the guitar neck.

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Personally I practice almost exclusively standing up, but I think this is fairly unusual. If I’m working on something complex then I might sit initially until I am more confident with it because, as mentioned above it’s a little more difficult standing.
If you’re just starting out then I’d get comfy with the basics before you throw any more complications into the mix!
If your ultimate goal is playing live or in a band then you might want to practice standing, if you are only ever playing for your own personal enjoyment then it probably doesn’t matter as much.
If you only ever play sitting down then when you first stand up you will find it awkward, but like everything else, with practice it gets easier.

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I’m on my first week, so Grade 1 Module 1 practicing As & Ds :wink:

Got my guitar chair today, so i guess il be sitting down for now, at least for my lessons and practice until I get to the part where Justin asks me to stand up… :upside_down_face:


I sit. I don’t stand at all and I don’t use a strap. I am not comfortable standing in one place for any length of time, not sure why. I would blame it on being old and broken, but I was like this 40 years ago when I definitely was not yet .

I also hold the guitar with a lift, in a near classical position. I even do this on rare occasions with my electric, but I almost never play that these days. I have a lift for that as well.

I have a Gibraltar drum throne with a short base. I also have a regular Gibraltar base and I fit an old steel tractor seat on that. I haven’t used it much yet.

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