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Hi all. Hoping for a little advice. Im currently on module 7 and im using the app so i can play along. Im fairly confident with the chords and can do nearly 60 changes a minute accross the board.

The issue i have is, i cant play anything all the way through from memory and i dont really know where to start. Has anyone else found this to be difficult? Do i go to youtube tutorials etc?

Any advice is appreciated and sorry if this has been asked before.


I’m about 3 months in and I’d agree with you.

I think when you use the songs app, you tend to focus on whatever chord is now and next and never really see the structure of the song as whole. Potentially you could slow the song right down, write down the chords and look for the pattern that they follow. It might be easier to memorise when you see the whole song laid out in front of you.

The other obvious thing is that some songs are simpler than others, following an easier structure to remember.

And finally it is hard quite hard I think. So much of my mental capacity is tied up hitting the chords and keeping in time that trying to remember what comes next without looking at the screen can be a challenge. Just keep with it and trust that it will get easier


Daniel @Waltersd22
First of all welcome to the community :+1:
As you have indicated there is a number of threads on the subject.
At the end of the day it comes down to hard work and practice. In my case I sing as well and knowing the words I link them to the chords. I don’t try to learn the whole song in one go I split it down into the verse, chorus etc then eventually put it all together. Even if you don’t sing out loud you could go through the words in your mind.
Justin has a ten step lesson on how to play and sing which might help.
Hope I have pointed you in the right direction
Michael :notes:


Roland @mattswain
As Matthew @mattswain says, when I was at your stage I got the lyrics off the internet and added the chords from the app. It was time consuming, Justin has song books and also an app for tabs which makes the task easier.
Don’t be tempted to pick complicated songs, choose those where there is a lot of repetition in the chords.
The first song you do from memory is hard but it does get easier with following ones.


Hit Google. Search for “song x chords”. You’ll find chords and lyrics for songs from sites like ultimate guitar. Print it out if you want… simple as that.

Stick with simple ones for now, maybe ones you’ve been playing along with from the app.

The app is good for strumming along at early stages and playing in time, it’s not really conducive for learning songs.


I made a spreadsheet template that the same as Justin’s music books in different signatures. I add simple instruction in places like Repeat x2, print that which will be my music book to learn.

That’s what I asked for a my Xmas pressie, a folder, sleeves n divider.



Thank you so much all. I’ve printed out a PDF (started with Hurricane by Luke Combs because I love that song and it seems to be quite repetitive). Spent an hour playing along this morning and the combination of making notes, trying to sing along and putting in to chunks has made a huge difference already. I’m not quite there but there’s hope at least!


Daniel @Waltersd22
Well done it sounds as though you are on the right track.
Michael :+1:

@Waltersd22 you’ve just discovered the next step on from the song app. It’s great for playing along and learning songs initially BUT at some point you leave it behind and will - as your starting to do - either download or put together your own song/chord sheets. Almost everyone has song/chord sheets even if they’ve memorised the song (you still forget it when you’ve not played it for a while).

As others have said there are plenty of resources online and I believe Justin still also has his “tabs” paid for option for some of the songs on the website.

Hello @Waltersd22 and welcome to the community.

You are not the first to face this problem, nor to ask about it in the community.
See these topics here for some helpful comments and advice.

I hope that helps.

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Good to hear that! It takes a bit of work but it’s all worth it! You can also practice with the app but looking at the screen just to start and continuing by looking at your PDF :blush:

Hang in there, it does get better with time. When I was first learning to play, a friend noticed how much i was tied to my song sheets and suggested I try memorizing the few songs i knew. i thought it was too hard before and once i got my first song memorized, it became easier each time.

i start just memorizing the first 4 measures by repeating them. Once I get that sorted i add the next 4 measures. And so on till i have the first verse memorized. Then I add the first 4 measures of either the 2nd verse or the chorus and on it goes.

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