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I have purchased the app and I’m loving the play along aspect as it’s improving my strumming a lot. I have completed grade 1 and 2 but there are no more grades for me to access as it only goes to module 14 . Is that as far as it goes? I wanted to progress to grade 3

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Hi Elisabeth, I’m using the app too and currently the app only includes Grade 1 and 2. As far as I know, Grade 3 should be added in the future development of the app. Grade 3 gets a complete revision at the moment. I think I read it somewhere, but can’t remember where it was. Maybe @MusopiaApps can tell you.

Everything from grade three onwards is available on the website for free

Elisabeth, I have just started Grade 3 so I no longer use the app for lessons. It is still a valuable tool for playing along to a lot of songs. Playing along to a variety of songs has helped me apply differing rhythms and strumming patterns.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Maybe I read Elisabeth’s question too fast, but I thought she was asking about the play along option too? I think, when Grade 3 modules get added, they will add Grade 3 songs too? Or don’t they, because more advanced players go more and more into other sources?


Although not a user I can see why the karaoke style play-along on the app is beneficial to beginners. But by the end of Grade 2 you need to be looking to move away from that kind of support. Play the songs on their own or with an original backing track and also look at the way the songs were originally played. Many of the songs on the app have been changed to make them easier for beginners (easier chords etc). So by learning how the originals were played it stretches your skills but also aligns with developing intermediate skills that will follow. If you compare Justin’s song lessons on the website to those on the app you will they have been made more accessible for folks learning their trade. All good stuff as its gets you going but sooner or later you have to fly solo.

Hope that helps.



I know that and already do :wink:

Yes, you’re so right and it’s definitely one of my first goals to reach while working through the grades. I noticed, that some forum members seem to feel a little bit lost or unsure while doing Grade 3+, as more and more individual commitment is required. So I enjoy having guidelines on Grade 2, but try to get more autonomous at the same time to be prepared for whats coming up :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks for taking your time to answer!

There are already many songs in the app which require chords and techniques that go beyond grade 2, so they’re not limited to the currently included modules. As to whether songs that are mentioned in Grade 3 lessons will be added, that’ll depend on whether Musopia can get the required licenses to add them. There’s already been issues on that front, which resulted in many songs getting removed months ago.

I know, that was one reason to ask :wink:

Good to know, as I’m only on Module 12, I wasn’t sure if maybe the required chords are coming up within the next two modules or in Grade 3.
Thanks for answering!

Wow thank you everyone for your valuable input. I can now see that the lessons are online so thank you for that. I’m a bit addicted to playing along with the songs on the app so it is good advice to tell me to wean myself off but it’s SO much fun! I do sound so much better with the backing tracks especially as I’m not much of a singer.

I’d like to offer a different perspective. I’m beginning stage 3 as well. However, i will continue to use the app because it’s fun and has background music. There is no reason in my opinion to wean. Playing guitar is for fun, so if you’re having fun, then keep doing it.

Additionally, it is not expected to have the F barre perfectly down going into grade 3. Furthermore, the B and B minor barre hasn’t even been mentioned yet. However, the app has some songs with those chords.

For example, i love playing Aint even done with the night because i like that song and it’s a lot more fun way to practice the F barre with transitions.

I say, don’t bother weaning. Use the app to your advantage and for fun. It’s also a great way to add songs to your repertoire.

If you want to get away from the app, which can be an impediment to memorizing songs (I believe, never used the app myself), you could always play along with the original recording of the song. This way, you have the band and singer to play along with, but nobody is telling you what chords to play. Justin recommends this often in his song lessons.

You can sometimes find recordings where the guitar has been removed from the track, so you are adding your guitar to the rest of the band. But even playing over the original is really helpful, imo.

Totally agree with this. I subbed to the app solely for the songs since I was already beyond the lessons included. It’s great fun playing along and feeling like you’re in a band, but of the 40+ songs in my playlist, I can probably count the ones I can play solely from memory on one hand. So yeah, use it for fun, but don’t neglect other methods that actually force you to memorise the piece you’re playing. For this reason, I won’t be re-subbing when it expires this month.

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I totally agree, the app is a great tool, a good motivator and so much fun. But at some point, one should try to play songs without. It’s much easier to play along with the app, than on your own. I changed my song practice, I first have to play the song from the chord sheet and a metronome, then I allow myself to play along with the app or a backing track. With the play along alone, I don’t get the structure of a song down.

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Grade 3 is now available on the app!

Please update to the latest version of the app (3.5.0) and enjoy the awesome new learning content available! :slight_smile:

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