Left hand blow out! Module 3

My left hand had a blow out today.

I decided to give Louie Louie a try. Its the first song I saw, since starting, that I was actually excited to play and felt like the chords that I learned fit it. I quickly learned, however, that the song was faster than my skillset. So I slowed the song down in the app to 100 BPM and once I got it down I boosted it back to max and found myself playing it very successfully! Well, until about 75% through the song.

I was strumming along watching the app while mentally counting and anticipating the chord changes. When, out of no where, I noticed that what I was playing wasn’t sounding right. I looked at my right hand, it’s continuing to strum and then I look over at my left hand and see it, essentially, drooling all over itself. It was just not responding, at all, to the signals my brain was sending it. I tried to shake my hand and come back to it but it was fruitless. So I decided it’s probably time for a break! I cant wait to get back to it though!

Anyway, I figured I’d share just in case anyone else hit that bit of a wall as well.

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You’ll get there! Yes playing along for a full song takes a bit of hand endurance. Comes in time.