Lego House Chorus

Hi, this is me trying the chorus for Lego House, first pattern as per book, second what I thought might be nice. Let me know what you think. This is the song I’m working on that’s way too hard for me, I’ve been on it for about a month now. Can’t get all the way through yet as my left hand aches from the constant stretch but I’ll get there one day! Eventually my hand closes up and I hit the frets :woman_facepalming:


Beutiful guitar playing :clap::raised_hands:t2:


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Neat song, well done

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Nice work Liz. You’re doing great.

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She’s pushin’ boundaries
She’s stretchin’
She’s going all the way :smiley:


Doing great there my only suggestion is since you are just starting to get into fingerstyle to work on your thumb placement. Thumb parallel to strings as the most handsome hand of the Community in the pic below indicates :grinning: all the best and keep it up, it’s a great song!

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That’s sounding good! It does look like quite a stretch. I ran into trouble trying, and not getting to the end, of learning Blackbird in part because of the way some of the chords call for big finger stretches. Your post made me curious about finger stretching so I searched for that on the site and sure enough Justin has some finger stretching exercises. I’ve recently added palm muting to my practicing but now I think I’ll add finger stretching and take another run at Blackbird.

Thank you for sharing your progress so far and good luck to you!

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Ooh I’ll look for those finger stretching exercises too :+1:t2:

Ooh, thanks for that. I didn’t realise that was something to be aiming for. The introductory video was more about it just being comfortable. Will try and think about where my thumb is now :+1:t2:. Do you know why it’s best in that position?

This has a number of benefits such as:

  • getting your index finger out of the way of the thumb

  • making your fingers more perpendicular to the strings so that your picking motion becomes more vertical (no scraping sounds along winds of the string)

  • enables you to play some more complicated percussive and picking/strumming techniques

I found it awkward at first but I was able to play a lot faster and cleaner as soon as I made the switch. Give it a shot! :slight_smile:

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That was brilliant Liz and I’m really looking forward to the complete song. His best album and one of his best tracks, in my opinion.

I know what you mean about the left hand ache. I’m working on a Snow Patrol song and boy, it hurts. :smiley:

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@adi_mrok Thanks for that picture Adi, I’ll be making sure my hand looks as handsome :wink:


Thank you,that’s really helpful :smiley::+1:t2:
Only thing that would make that hand more handsome would be some very cool purple nail varnish :laughing::wink:

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That’s terrific Liz, first time I’ve heard you play. You’ve got a lovely voice, really suits the style of playing and song. I can certainly recommend the finger stretching exercises too, my left hand is aching now just thinking of that module!! :wink:

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That was tremendous, Liz, the guitar, the vocal, just fabulous. Look forward to the whole song when you get there.

Thanks, I’ve uploaded a few bits of songs now. Yes I’ve just tried the finger stretching, very useful I think, it’s in a module I hadn’t got to yet.

Thanks! Could be a few months yet ‘til I can put all the bits together :rofl:

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Wow, that’s a pretty damn good start on finger style, you’re coming on in leaps and bounds!

Aww thanks, being a piano teacher I have a lot of odd free periods during the day so can often practice a couple of hours.


And I guess also helps with finger control and dexterity in a general sense, not to mention music theory knowledge and a well trained ear. Lots of general assets that enable the learning of guitar.

That was excellent Liz. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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