Let There Be Rock

My favorite AC/DC song. It’s everything that’s so great about Rock & Roll. I am playing along the Foo Fighter’s performance of it which is really priceless. Taylor Hawkins’ drums are captivating (RIP).

I’ve been playing/learning this one for 6 months now. Probably played it a hundred times already. Thought I’d record it as I shift my focus towards BLIM practice. Played it 7 times today. This is the 6th take. It’s a fair representation of where I am now. I am comfortable with the main riff but finding the solos very difficult because of the tempo.

The first solo I play is more or less identical to the one Angus plays on the record. Maybe not note for note but the licks should be the same.
In the second solo, I tried to copy the boogie baseline played by Chris of the Foo Fighters. I really need to focus to keep my timing during this one.
In the last solo I just repeat most of the first solo and then move to aimless playing on the B chord :sweat_smile:. Still need to work out that part. I can’t really improvise at this tempo.

I hope that in another 6 months I could play it better. Miss less notes. Have better timing and have the solos worked out. I am not putting improvising a solo as an objective because I see it as really beyond my current abilities.

I hope it’s enjoyable to listen to as much as I enjoy playing it.



Brilliant performance: every move, every note echoes your love of and belief in this song. Whatever misses there are go missing in the whole magic of your rendition. Well done!


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Really good . Keep rocking

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Great performance Nadim! I don’t know what wrong notes you played, I know we always know ourselves, but I sure didn’t hear them. :metal:

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Great performance of a great song Nadim, very well done!

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Yo Nadim

top, I loved it, R’n’R at its most basic and animal form, a riff (a good one tbh) and a good energy.

Very very nice.

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Thanks everyone.

Indeed. Just a great tune. Really fun to play. :guitar:

I was trying to play some notes but didn’t, either because I wasn’t fretting correctly or didn’t pick them correctly. I know I tried to play them :slight_smile: but didn’t. It’s still really hard for me to play at this tempo. There are times when extra notes ring out in the riff. It’s not easy to notice them in the mix with the backing track because there are 3 other guitars playing at the same time. But these notes ringing out become evident when I listen to my guitar part soloed.

This was also the best take out of 7 that I tried to record. I was only able to complete 2 out of the 7 without completely messing it up. So this is the absolute best that I can do. There are some parts that I’d like to improve but being able to be consistent, even without improving anything, would be a real achievement.

I get really stressed when I hit the record button an it turns :red_circle: .

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Not sure if this is how this category is supposed to be used. But I thought this topic would be sort of a specific learning log of mine for this song, where I would go back to, revisit, review my progress and try to improve.

With that in mind. Things I’d like to work on are (in the order):

1- Improve the baseline played in the second solo (tab below). Right now I feel very exhausted physically and mentally when playing it. I need to really focus and I often lose the rythem.


2- Be more consistent. I guess this will come with practice but I have been learning this for 6 months now.

3- Less notes ringing out in the riff (maybe this should be first priority).

4- Learn the 3rd solo. For now I just repeat the first one and then keep banging on the B chord until the end.

I totally get that! It’s tough to get everything right, especially at a fast tempo.

Extra notes ringing out can be tricky to catch in the mix, but it’s great that you noticed them when soloing your part. Keep practicing and focusing on your fretting and picking technique. You’ll get the hang of it!