Light-hearted profanity in song

Hi guys, I’ve been working on recording my version of Country Roads just using my Logi HD 1080 camera on my desktop to record and post it to AVYP from Youtube (first time recording) but towards the end of the song I let fly with a couple of swear words that obviously replace “Country Roads” in the chorus. Is this permissible? Just an aside, I’ve gone through many takes and keep stuffing up on the right chords to use and my own made up lyrics but I’m determined to get it done. Most of it is because of nerves. I can complete the song away from camera but have trouble when the heat is on. I’d be terrible in front of an audience unless I had rum in me lol. Anyway, my main question is…is it acceptable to and will it be posted if I include swear words? The lyrics in the chorus does not denigrate anyone and is not insulting to any race, religion, gender etc,

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Hi @swaffi, when I last asked about this it was OK as long as you included a profanity warning in your post.

The guidelines are here Community Etiquette and Rules

Mods @DavidP @LievenDV and @Richard_close2u would be able to say for sure.


Thanks for that jkahn, appreciate it


direct message sent @swaffi