Light My Fire - The Doors

Hi all,
Since there seemed to be a few Doors fans here (based on some comments on one of my previous videos), I thought I would try to do another song of theirs acoustically - Light My Fire.

I used the basic strum pattern from my old audio recording of this song, but experimented with adding some random finger stuff in this video so that the whole song hopefully doesn’t sound too repetitive.
I used the fingers for verses 1,2,3 while sticking to a strum for the chorus, the non-singing break and for the 4th verse where Morrison increases his vocals a little bit.

The finger stuff kind of sounded ok to my ear when I was testing things out today, but I could well be wrong - so yeah please let me know if it sounds out of place for this tune.

Below are the links for the video and the old audio recording. There’s only strumming in the audio version because I wasn’t familiar with anything related to finger-picking/arppegios at that earlier stage.

Oh and in case nobody noticed, I finally tilted the phone camera to a higher angle so that people can now see the weird and creepy face expressions that I do when I’m playing and when I inevitably hit some dud notes.
But I promise I’m not some shady creepish guy, despite the looks that I give during the intro :laughing:

Feedback and general comments are welcome as always. Thanks


Nicely played, Sandro, I enjoyed and was able to sing along for a verse and chorus. The switch between strumming and picking worked and the groove was there.

I don’t usually talk beyond the performance, about the song, but for a change I have a thought and happy to delete if you ask me to.

I think it may be fair to say that LMF may well be The Doors most well-known, perhaps if ‘successful’ song. If folk agree with that, for me it is another case where I think there are so many better songs that are not well known. In the case of The Doors, where would one start … perhaps LA Woman, or When The Music’s Over’, The End, Break On Through, Soul Kitchen, People Are Strange …

Other examples are Springsteen’s Born In The USA, and to lesser extent Dancing in the Dark … many, many better songs IMHO from the preceding albums. And Deep Purple with Smoke on the Water, compared to Highway Star on the same album, the Rolling Stones and Satisfaction.

OK, let me get out the rabbit hole …

Most enjoyable Sandro, look forward to your next …

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Yes the contrast between strum and fingerstyle worked for me Sandro. You got the groove going with the ‘slap’ too. Well done.

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Hi Sandro,

Good job. Nicely stripped own to the essence of the song - certainly had me singing along.
Nice variation between strumming and finger style.

David - with you 100%. I listen to the Doors regularly and LMF isn’t one that gets much rotation. The End is simply awesome, but I also prefer things like Crystal Ship, Roadhouse Blues, Spanish Caravan, etc.


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That was a nice listen. I enjoyed the acoustic version and you were definitely in a groove I was able to bounce to. Thanks for sharing. Great song, and great playing!

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Your version sounded cool Sandro.

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I thought it sounded ace. And congrats for putting your face in the video now as well :smiley:.

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Oh yes, Crystal Ship is one of my favourites and Roadhouse Blues, which I always thought was a little out of character in such a good way.

Nice, been a while since I heard some Doors. Good play and all the best!

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Hi Sandro,
That was nice to listen to :sunglasses: :sunglasses: ,and that funny faces was not too bad, that can be much, much crazier :sweat_smile:… The switch between strum and fingerstyle was good, that gave a good variety and made it really even better, good choice.

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Nicely played, Sandro. I really liked your rendition. If you would like to listen to another artist’s cover of this song I would suggest checking out Jose Feliciano’s cover.


@DavidP @sairfingers @Digger72 @Endureth @batwoman @jkahn @LBro @roger_holland @ChasetheDream
Thanks folks. I wasn’t too sure how it would come across with the finger adlib stuff for this playthrough. But I’m glad that it seemed to be well received based on the kind feedback from you all. Cheers

JK/Rogier - I guess I’ll keep my face in my videos from now on then :laughing:

Robert - Wow! The soloing and other extra elements that he throws in during the non singing break and throughout the song in general is just insane. I loved it.

David - feel free to talk about any non-performance related subjects on my posts anytime… if it encourages a friendly discussion among the group then I am all for it :+1:

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really well played Sandro. I enjoyed your rendition very much. Well done mate.

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Hi Sandro. I really liked your cover of this song. Sooner or later I will post “people are strange”. I am working on that song from the Doors. The chords are pretty easy. Em-Am -B7 and G for the most part.

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Another great job Sandro. That was some very tasty playing.

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@Socio @SgtColon @SDKissFan Thanks guys, I’m glad you liked it.

Nice job Sandro as others have said that definitely worked really well.

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Thanks Jason, much appreciated mate.

Nice work sir! Any finger style usage makes me envious! Keep it up!…Rod

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Thanks Rod, there’s not much to it :slight_smile:
I’m envious of players that have a good voice to sing along haha. I just checked your cover of ‘Have you ever seen the rain’. Nicely done mate.

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