Lightning Crashes Cover

Hey guys i followed justins lesson on this and did it slightly different. I know some of my rhythm and such is off a little this song is kinda complicated and i know its off some. Its just hard to sing and play this one for me. Anyways I hope yall enjoy! Lightning Crashes Cover - YouTube


Nice one Byron. A challenging rhythm to sing along to! Definitely sounded like Lightning Crashes, I liked how you recorded both guitar parts for the solos.

Beautiful tones Byton. Your skills are growing.

Not an easy one to cover Bytron but I thought you did a great job.

Only thing to pick up on for me was there was some distortion in parts, when your playing and singing ramped up. Not sure what you can do about that but I just thought I’d point it out.

Thanks guys!! Thanks for pointing that out sgtcolon, it may be from my reverb effect i have most likely! Maybe i need to lower it some.

Nice work, Byron. You put so much into your performance. Love that.

Wow!!! That is by far the best i have seen you played Byron :fire:
the guitar playing was incredible…
its on my list to do as well this one. Live that song.
Your vocal is a lot better at the end of the song, it sounds like you push your vocal more than you did in the start.

Smashing job!!

Keep em comin!!!

Thanks guys!!! @tRONd I appreciate it but I still have to polish up alot of my playing ability’s. Im kinda a messy player lol. Theres few songs i can do really really good, but others I miss beats and such I guess it comes from not knowing where to start and such. Glad you liked it though!!! :slight_smile: Rock on!!

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Awesome work @Bytron08 , this one’s on my list to get to. I got into Live when I was out in the US for 6 months when Throwing Copper came out and just loved this tune. Justin’s lesson brought back some good memories!
Liking your solo-ing over the top of your rhythm stuff, progress is really clear to see :clap:

Hey Bytron, Community is so busy with AVOYPs that I’ve not been missed a few of yours … you are so prolific it’s tough to keep up :rofl:

I enjoyed the rhythm and energy of this one as usual.

I suggest you check your recording levels, certainly the final rendered audio from Vegas but maybe the incoming levels as well. You were over 7dB louder than the YT norm which is to be avoided as they then apply a limiter. Also thought I picked up some clipping/distortion at times.

Its all good!! :smiley: Thanks David Ill keep that in mind, maybe i need to lower the volume on my mic, that would help probably.

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Thanks notter!! I’m happy you like my solo lead stuff!! :slight_smile: