List of all my original songs

Hey guys i jsut wanted to do a list of all my originals i have made so far!! :slight_smile: Lemme know which one is your favorite!!! :slight_smile: Her and Me Original - YouTube Apart Original Song - YouTube I Miss You Original Song - YouTube Again-Original Song - YouTube Bottom Of The Lake - Original - YouTube


I am a big fan on how you strum and play your guitar Byron. You make it look easy and it sounds smashing!

Im going with Apart. Liked it a lot and it fittes your voice!

Keep up the great job buddyπŸ‘

Thanks Trond! Thats a big compliment thanks so much!! Im glad you liked Apart!!! I think my fav is probably bottom of the lake, but does any one else have any suggestions on which one you liked better? Just trying to see what i need to work on more.

Nice to see you posting here also! I mentioned in another post, but I love Apart and Again!! :slight_smile:

Bottom of the lake, for sure. That’s why I grabbed the tune (with your permission) and played some lead lines over that awesome riff:
Bottomed Out – but looking up…

Heck yeah thanks for posting that again CT!! :slight_smile: Ill def take another listen to it!! Thanks man glad you think the same as I lol :wink:

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Thanks glomp!

Yup. Bottom of the Lake is your best one. Keep writing and keep them coming Byron!

Glad you think the same sairs thank you!!!

Yeah that was great CT! Man i cant believe thats been 2 years ago already. Crazy! Good job!

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