Lock the Door - 1st Original Song

Thanks, Roger,

It took a lot for me to put this out there, but glad that I did. Your remarks, as all from the community have been, are kind, constructive and reassuring. Yes, my wife would love for me to play and sing for her and it’s crazy that I’m so insecure that I freeze up. I plan to do more recording, but as LBro mentioned in a post, you don’t turn these out in 20 minutes. This simple song took, all told, maybe 30-40 hours - and that’s a conservative guess that doesn’t include lying awake at night for hours trying to piece lyrics and arrangements together or overcome skill and knowledge deficiencies.

Thank you for mentioning the art. It is one of my signature pieces, inspired by a 2011 Time Magazine article (Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans, Machines Merge - TIME) discussing a theory put forth in 1958 and investigated by Ray Kurzweil. It states that integrating humans with machines using modern medicine will lead to: “…a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater than human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature…” Pretty heady stuff…
Always good to hear from you - Thanks for urging me to overcome my insecurities - I won’t forget!

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That was very tasty Gary.

It’s very impressive all the work you have put into this and it’s paid dividends.

You say inspired by Randy Newman but I was getting a Leonard Cohen, you want it darker, feel from it.

Excellent stuff.

This was really good @Papa_G. I listened to it a couple of times. Well produced, an indie feel (which I love) and lyrics that could mean a few different things, they make you think.

Great share.

Great job. Loved it.

Okay, I’m trying a new way of responding to multiple posts - I hope it works! To all who have been kind, supportive and helpful: thank you so much for commenting on the effort. As anyone who has attempted this can tell you, the devil is in the details, and it’s all details!

@SgtColon - Thank you for the Leonard Cohen association: I’m truly humbled - it is a mega-huge compliment. I agree that it better describes the vibe.
@jkahn - I’m ecstatic if folks listen once, but twice - you honor me sir. :v: :facepunch: Yes - the lyrics kept me up at night…
@Willsie01 - I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment - many, many thanks!

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Dont quite know what to say…

loved it! The laidback beat, the easy going vocal, lyrics…
To me it sounded supercool!!!
I did not get any «you can leave your hat on» vibes though… but hey… an awsome job!! I certainly take my hat off :grin:

Did you play the «blues in a final» to?? If so… wow🔥

Loved your «cover art» cool stuff!!

Edit: i am totally with @SgtColon on this… i too got a little bit of Cohen vibe over the whole thing…

Hey, tRONd,

Thanks for giving it a listen. I agree - Newman’s song and Cocker’s cover of it is in a class of it’s own. Yes, I did play the blues solo in A thank you, and thanks for the ‘art nod’ too - glad you liked it :v:
Ride safe (I lived 20 yrs in Lake Tahoe and cruised the Sierra Nevadas from Yosemite to Nevada City & the Nevadan high desert on a Vulcan for many years)
PapaG (Gary)