Locked Down & Lonesome - original song

On 23rd March 2020, the UK went into its first lockdown.
The two year anniversary seems an appropriate time to re-release this original from I wrote in Novemeber 2020, following a subsequent lockdown.

The genesis and development of the song …

@TheMadman_tobyjenner shared a track - Attestation Blues [No.32 on this list]. It prompted me to start firing off random nonsense song titles to fit in with the covid theme. a] Locked Down & Lonesome, b] Panic in the Pandemic, c] Your Love Just Infected Me, d] Keep Your Virus To Yourself, e] Your Breath Is Sweet, Your Kiss Is Deadly.

Trying to get to sleep that night, one of them nagged at me and started forming into a lyric. The next morning I pushed and prodded a little to see what would come. I got some iffy lyrics, a little melody and a country song in waltz time. It took just an hour or two and I recorded it in the moment, no real run through, no practice or rehearsal, just a spontaneous moment of ‘I have to do this this right now, this instant’.

It is notable for its lo-fi quality. It is also notable for the second take fumbling guitar playing. This is not a one-take. Take one had errors I couldn’t live with. Take two has flubs galore but this was meant to be silly and I thought ‘the heck with it’.

It is also very notable for being the exclusive, the first, the world premiere, of me singing in public. Yes, I did go on and perform at a few Community Open Mic events. This was the first ever foray into sharing my vocal. Please excuse the singing. It is meant to be a comedy song tinged with pangs of realism.

I present for your entertainment, amusement and what-not:

Locked Down And Lonesome

Video version (a collection of stills):

Audio only:



Locked down, locked down and lonesome
Locked down, locked down and lonesome
Sadness in my brain, my yearning’s in vain
I’m locked down and lonesome again

We met on a warm day late August
Attraction so hard to resist
Two meters no nearer, Still feeling the fear
Kept socially distanced at first

I knew from your eyes that I’d love you
But the course of our love couldn’t run true
We agreed it was best
We took a swab test
And we wait for results to come through

Locked down, locked down and lonesome
Locked down, locked down and lonesome
Sadness in my brain, my yearning’s in vain
I’m locked down and lonesome again

Praise this day, we’re officially negative
Our love can receive and can give
I was too slow to ask
So you took off my mask
Then we laughed, we kissed and we lived

Covid headed in every direction
We saw a rising rate of infection
Knew we were in trouble
You weren’t in my bubble
It’s not safe to make an exception

Chorus x2
Locked down, locked down and lonesome
Locked down, locked down and lonesome
Sadness in my brain, my yearning’s in vain
I’m locked down and lonesome again


Love the lyrics… hilarious.

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Well that definitely brought back 2020 memories! The year it all changed…

Your singing was good, went really well with the lofi nature of the recording. The dark comedy stands out - captures the nature of the time.


Good memories, Richard, glad you re-shared here for all those who missed it first time around.

Nothing more to say but Bravo!

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Very cool song and well done with the video . Been thinking that the pandemic and associated lockdown would bring out some new songs from songwriters and here is one.

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Good to hear this again, happy times. Yeah right ! I won’t be resurrecting my virus buster again, especially as the Parisians are back in these parts at their country homes! Ah like they were in “confinement”. :rofl: Interesting Lockdown and Confinement, what sounds worse ?

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Wasn’t here for the first time, great song reflecting the mood of the time.

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Nailed it! I commented on the tubez. Great emotion, sincere and heartfelt. Nice share!

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Still remember hearing it for the first time and still enjoying it, very good thing Richard you moved it into a new Community platform :+1:

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Hi Richard,…
Great sound and wonderful text :sunglasses: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:…and this is extra funny this morning because the light cold virus that my wife and I have this week turns out to be corona just find out… so quarantine and not completely lonesome here…

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Strange, I don’t recall this one, but the memory is fleeting, so who knows? At any rate this is a nice original. I like how you varied up the lyrics, in the near repetitive areas. To me the song was kept fresh by doing so.

Your vox to me was really good. I would not “hide” that voice of yours Richard! You fit well into the song and the vox made it go! Guitar play was good and sounded great. A well done effort all the way around.

The bug, being a life changing ordeal has it’s equal and this song is it!

Keep rock’n,

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:smiley: Excellent stuff Richard.

A sweet bit of playing and the lyrics made me laugh.



True during lockdown for many no doubt but the lyrics and tone is so funny.

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@SandyMusic Thanks for listening Sandy, I’m glad to have brought a smile to your face. :slight_smile:

@jkahn Thanks for the fine compliments, much appreciated. People have commented that my vocal ‘suited the song’ so I’m not going to blather on and argue against that despite my own doubts about my singing. :slight_smile:

@DavidP Thanks, as always, for your positive support when I do manage to make time for my own guitaring and creative enjoyment. You’re a stalwart you are! And yes, that’s a compliment haha. :wink:

@woodroe Thanks for listening. In my original post are some suggested song titles - you’re welcome to run with one and join in with making the covid compilation album! :slight_smile:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Incomers eh! Blasted townies spoiling the countryside. :wink:

@philsmith Thanks for the listen Phil. One day we will look back at these times and wonder.

@CT Thanks Clint. I especially appreciate your comment knowing your penchant for people doing their own thing in their own way and the authentic stuff. :slight_smile:

@adi_mrok Thanks my friend.

@roger_holland Thanks for the very kind words. Fingers crossed your covid has fully passed with no serious issues. At least with you both being infected you can still continue with the hugs and kisses! haha :slight_smile:

@LBro Thanks indeed. Very high praise and I appreciate your comment a great deal/ :slight_smile:

@SgtColon I’m glad to bring some laughter to your life. :slight_smile:

@JanKR1953 A warm welcome to the community Jan and I am flattered that your first post is a comment on my song. Thank you. :slight_smile:


listened again with great pleasure.
this is one of the coolest waltzes I’ve ever heard. :slightly_smiling_face:
wonderful lyrics. Richard, thanks for posting them, without it, I would not have been able to enjoy the song to the fullest.
Thanks for sharing.


Thanks @crocodile1 … to describe this as one of the coolest waltzes is high praise indeed. You’re very kind. :smiley:

A song & performance of true grit, Richard. Evokes lots of memories and emotions. Thanks goodness we have music to enable us to do that & thanks for sharing. I’ll share my own original composition of lockdown experiences very soon.

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Nearly two years late to the party… Is that a record? :scream:
I would have never found this if it hadn’t been for Chris’ recent Lockdown Lament
What can I say?
A beautifully crafted, well played original with genuine, heartfelt and often humourous lyrics.
I’d appreciate a personal message alert with your next offering, Sensei :laughing:


@MacChap Thanks for giving it a listen and your kind appreciation.


Did the invite get lost in the post? :slight_smile:

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