Long Journey Home - Short Bluegrass Jam (Playing With a $35 Pick!)

This is from a bluegrass song book I’m working through.

I ordered a Blue Chip Pick and just got it. They’re $35 for a single pick! Justin actually uses the same brand and made a video about it. Wanted to give it a test drive with some picking.

Are they worth it? Not sure. They definitely don’t slip. It feels sturdier than other picks. Don’t notice too much of a difference sound wise though. I’ll keep playing with it and see how it goes.

Long Journey Home with a $35 pick!


Thanks for sharing, Joe, enjoyed both listening and watching you play.

As for the pick, I see that is you can pay up to $75 for a Blue Chip pick. Seems astonishing to me, but I am not that experienced when it comes to picks.

Hi Joe,
That sounds cool ,I don’t hear (of course) that you play with gold between your fingers…but it does sound nice :grin:
Greetings Rogier

Joe, it sounds like you have the beginnings of a really cool piece to play. Let us know if you think the pic helps or if it might play easier fingerstyle.

Lot of bluegrass flatpickers use expensive picks. The Blue Chip ones always get lots of praise. I was debating if I should get it, but I’ve spent $35 on a lot of worse things in my life. That’s how I justified it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you! Not sure if it makes too much of a difference. Maybe my technique isn’t great though. Bluegrass guitarists have to play with fiddle and banjos so the notes have to come through.

Not sure I would play this one finger style. Any thicker pick would probably do okay though.

Nicely played, Joe.

While $35 is quite a chunk of change to lay out for a pick I can’t argue with your justification (i.e., I’ve spent $35 on less worthy things, too). For fast flatpicking lines I tend to use one of the red/orange Dunlop Jazz III picks, but maybe I’ll give one of these Blue Chips a shot.

I have the Dunlop Jazz III ones too. I used use them for electric, but don’t own one anymore. Check out the Dunlop 207 picks. Thicker and more rounder feel. I don’t know how to describe it?