Loosing my religion Mk2 🤣

Hehehe i am aware of the consictency in the different chord sections and is something i have focus on and something i need to improve on everything i do. Just not this one so much :rofl:
I find it difficult to match up with the lyrics, so its more or less «winged» through out so it fits the lyrics. Most likely a very bad habbit :flushed:
And thing i need to tight up.
Thanks Lieven, appreciate your feedback :pray:

Thanks Stefan :pray: i am kot so sure you would like to hear me strum this classic :rofl::rofl::rofl: but i am looking at were i can throw in a few more simple strums :grin:

Thanks a lot @adi_mrok :pray:

Oh i would pay a fair amount of £ to see you dance like Michael Stipe @brianlarsen :fire::fire::fire:
I play this without thinking at all about bar and beats. Just so it falls in with the lyrics.
Go for it Brian… strum this one, looking forward to it :raised_hands:t2: Not the easiest pattern i the world. Always appreciate your feedbacks Brian, always a blast to read :grin:

Thanks a lot :pray:
Yes. I do use my ringfinger. I noticed this myself, but i do use it. I have been gifted with chubby short fingers from nature, so they looks like they all hide in between eachother :rofl:
Same goes for thumb placement. When i play behind the middle of the soundhole, (my much prefeared position) i just cant get it right. Thumb is not long enough to have a correct placement…
again. Thanks a lot for your feedback! Means a lot to me :pray:


Whoa you owned it is all I can say and a big improvement on that first post.
Like David I don’t know the original well enough to pass comment in comparison. I also don’t dance and did not think that was something you did to their records anyway. So I loved it.
Good to see you recording again.

Here you go… He starts throwing some shapes around 2:40 :laughing:

That was really nice @tRONd, a very enjoyable laid back performance.

Cue embarrassing dad dancing ! Throwing shapes ? I thought maybe there was a fly in the room ! :rofl:


Trond that was splendid. Before I watched it, I couldn’t resist going back in time and watching the original post again before watching the Mk2 recording. Its way beyond my play grade to give any constructive feedback on techniques etc. All I will say is that your confidence has grown since Mk1, you can see that in your performances. As you have become more relaxed performing in front of the camera your ability to tell a story through the songs has got even better along with your playing. Keep up the good work, look forward to hearing Mk3.

That was excellent Trond, especially for not playing it a lot lately. I do really like the finger style and the vocals were great.

G’day,tRONd, I have been waiting for another from you and it was worth the wait,well done.Ihave been working on a song by Nick Cave “The Ship Song”, for me it is one of the hardest phrasing and playing songs I have attempted even though the chords I use are easy, but from your efforts it is worthwhile persevering. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner, appreciate it… not much dancing here either :rofl:

Glad you liked it @philsmith appreciate it :+1:

Thanks @socio :pray: maybe it will be a mk3 down the road :grin:

Glad you liked it @TheCluelessLuthier :pray:

Thanks @Tassie … love Nick Cave, please do a recording on it in due time. I am sure you will nail it! :grin:

I love this song, and your version of it is lovely. It suits a finger picked arrangement really well. I found the timing inconsistent as well, sometimes that worked for me, sometimes not as much. It’s still an enjoyable listen though, you have a certain something in your voice and matched with the sweet arrangement it’s really quite lovely. I’d like to hear this one played along with the original, or a click track, to line the beat up a little more. Overall I did quite enjoy your take on this though.

Thanks @Mari63
Really appreciate your kind words and tips :pray:
Stupid question… what is a click track?

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Has your google search function been destroyed by the dragons :roll_eyes:

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I have been told that you should not trust info from wikipedia :rofl:

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:hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Edit;It’s all going wrong with the target reply the last 2 day`s , … someone needs to get Gordon in
and tell him That he’s not the only one anymore (I don’t believe he was already, but I thought the discussion was funny) . :joy:

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Rogier already answered via Wikipedia, so I’ll just add it’s basically playing to a metronome or simple drum beat. A ‘click’ for each beat, to help keep time. I like Justin’s time trainer app, or just a drum track.

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Nice! I could sit around that campfire any time. Your covers are always well done and heartfelt. Dig the emotion. Well done, sir.

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Thanks a lot Clint, really appreciate that feedback from you. Means a lot :pray:


The year after my father died, we sold the farm he had taken over from his grandfather, and with that ended our family’s unbroken line of Danish farmers on Zealand going back to the 17th century.
I call it progress :wink:

Hehehe. To me it is just not very smart to continue having a farm in the family if its just a struggle. Its expensive things and need maintanance 24/7 rest of your life. Better of sell it to someone who is eager to take care of the thing and develop it further.
My two cents on the topic.
my two kids are so far away from being farmers, so it would have comed to an end either way.

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:hear_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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