Losing My Religion Cover

Figured i would do this one since justin just did a lesson on it, although my rhythm is all messed up but and kinda do it in my own way. Though i think it turned out decent, hope you guys enjoy!! :slight_smile: Losing My Religion Cover - YouTube


You may be losing your religion but not your musical mojo, Bytron.

As always, just that little bit awed by the way you can pick up a song and within hours, maybe a day or two, be cranking out a wicked cover.

The intro in this was great, and just being able to play the rhythm and sing it is something.

That was really cool Byron. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a lot more than decent and I could feel the passion in your playing and vocals. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Bytron,
I usually really like your covers, and don’t get me wrong- you’ve got some nice strumming and riffs going on here and your singing is hitting all the right notes in the right places- but I just keep getting thrown by where the vocals are coming in.
I’m probably just too used to the original.
I’m a great fan of making covers your own, and might not have mentioned it, except I know you were looking to do more public performing and others might have similar difficulties, especially if they want to sing along.
Looking forward to the next one already :grinning:
That’s me heading off to my corner now… :musical_score: :musical_note: :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks guys! Im happy you enjoyed it! Lol @ brian, I understand where your coming from for sure. Lol heading off to the corner made me chuckle nice one!

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You’ve done another decent job there, Bryon. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Willsie01!!! Thanks for giving it a listen as always! :slight_smile:

Well played, nice strummed and plucked strings!!

That was great! Nice job hitting the individual notes on the strumming.

Well played @Bytron08 that’s a couple of AVOYP I have seen of you and I have to say that from what I have seen so far it was not good, it was great, you left me wanting to hear an encore. Well done mate.

Lol Socio you fooled me there for a sec when you said it was not good lmao nice one!!! :smiley: Thanks man i really appreciate it!! I try to put all my love into my music!!! :slight_smile:

Good playing and singing, Byron. :slight_smile:

As you noted in your post, there are some timing issues. My feedback is similar to the feedback I just posted on your Hey Joe cover. Your performances are already good, but I think you could elevate them even more with some work on timing and counting.

There are two things I think you could do to lift your musicianship into the next level. First, use a drum beat on almost everything you practice/play. Second, play with some other musicians as often as you can, especially drummers and bassists.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi Bytron not sure how I missed this one. Playing was great really liked it, as for vox to my personal opinion it got a bit different direction to original which I adore so wasn’t my cup of tea. Don’t get this the wrong way I am biased because of the original :slight_smile: all the best