Losing the pick on up strums

Hi guys,

I tend to lose my pick when doing up-strums… And it’s starting to drive me crazy! I’ve followed Justin’s tips with using a very soft pick to start with and tried different ones. Generally I like picks with some texture - they give me the indication that they don’t want to get away from my fingers. Down strums are no problem (when doing Power Chords or such) - but the up strums…

Any idea or help?
Thank you!

Welcome to the Community, Mirko.

When you are strumming do you adjust the angle of the pick? You ideally want it to be slanted in such a way that it can slide over the strings. If you get the angle wrong then the pick can more easily hook on a string. You’ll achieve this slanting with some rotation of the hand. Just a gentle relaxed rotation down for a down strum and up for an up strum, kind of like painting a wall.